Congress dubs Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s fast as drama, questions his intention

Earlier on Sunday, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who started an indefinite fast on June, ended his fast by consuming coconut water. He also entailed how the families of the deceased in Mandasur protest met him and asked him to discontinue the fast.

By: ANI | New Delhi | Updated: June 12, 2017 12:48 pm
shivraj singh chauhan, shivraj singh chahuhan fast, mandasur protest, farmer protest, madhy pradesh farmer protest Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan having juice from former Chief Minister Kailash Joshi to break his indefinite fast for Peace in State, in Bhopal on Sunday. Union MInister Narendra Singh Tomar (L) is also present on this occasion. PTI Photo (PTI6_11_2017_0115B)

With Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan ending his indefinite fast for bringing back peace in the state amid raging farmers’ protests, the Congress party on Monday dubbed the former’s act as sheer ‘drama’ and said in spite of such tactics, the condition of the farmers remains unchanged.

“The Mandsaur incident is very painful and sad. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh just put up great drama by observing fast, but the farmers are still suffering from the same problem,” Congress leader P.L. Punia told ANI. Punia also highlighted how there has been no change in the problem faced by the farmers and proceeded to question Chouhan’s intention to observe the fast. Resonating similar sentiments, another Congress leader Meem Afzal said that the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister called off his fast after he discovered it was making no impact whatsoever.

Earlier on Sunday, Chouhan, who started an indefinite fast on June, ended his fast by consuming coconut water. “We will make the state land use advisory service so that farmers get correct and timely information about climate change. I, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi promise that we will irrigate every land. We have decided to implement every policy with the consent of farmers,” he said before ending the fast. He further said not only in India but in the entire world, Madhya Pradesh stands at number one position in the agriculture sector.

Earlier in the day he said that despite falling asleep “intermittently”, the farmers and their issues made a constant thorough in his dreams and thoughts and hence, vowed to solve the pertinent matters. “I slept intermittently and all that while I kept thinking about what all topics – out of the ones we discussed with the farmers – can be worked upon as soon as possible,” he said, adding, “kisaan khwaabon mein bhi thhe, haqeeqat mein bhi.” (The farmers and their issues were in my thoughts and dreams.) “I have always tried doing a lot for farmers, and their problem is ours. They are our own. I also thought upon how to increase the productivity and sustain it,” he added.

Chouhan also entailed how the families of the deceased met him and asked him to discontinue the fast. “One thing that made me emotional was the number of our children that we lost in these protests. Their parents came to meet me yesterday and despite such grief befalling upon them, asked me to put an end to the issue,” he said.

Commenting about the amenities provided to him in the tent he has made a stay in for the fasting period, he said, “I was told that this was a five-star tent. They even asked me to put an AC, but I said that wasn’t required. You don’t go on a fast for the farmers by living in AC. We made a meeting room, because I had to meet officials and farmers.”

Earlier, Chouhan had hinted that he would end the fast soon after the families of the four farmers, who were killed in the police firing in Mandsaur, met Chouhan and requested him to call off his fast. “We requested the Chief Minister to call off his hunger strike. We don’t think that he is doing any drama. He is genuinely concerned about us. We also asked for stern action against the culprits,” said a deceased farmer’s father.

The Chief Minister assured that justice would be done and the culprits would be punished. Chouhan had asserted that he would not let the state engulf in violence and would ensure that peace returns. “I discussed many problems and its solution. There are some issues which have already been addressed and there are some on which we have to take a decision. We are considering every issue seriously whether it is small or big. We will think about it and discuss it and thereafter, we will definitely take a decision in the interest of farmers,” Chouhan said.

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  1. A
    Jun 12, 2017 at 2:16 pm
    The Swaminathan report( : prsindia /parliamenttrack/report-summaries/swaminathan-report-national-commission-on-farmers--662/) for Farmers submitted on October 4, 2006 to the Congress government under Manmohan Singh( 22 May2004 to 26 May 2014 s: en.wikipedia /wiki/List_of_Prime_Ministers_of_India).What was ress doing for the 8 years by not doing any thing to farmers by implementing the Swaminathan report kept ideal under the congress (jugg marthatha).Now congress you are not having the right to raise the voice for FARMERS means you are ignorant to farmers.If you are not doing anything for 8 years with the REPORT that means you never do it in future.SO FARMERS PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN CONGRESS PLAYING POLITIC'S FOR YOU,THEN SURE IT IS FOR CONGRESS LOOTING BENEFIT ONLY.
  2. M
    Mohan Tvm
    Jun 12, 2017 at 1:57 pm
    Congress leaders abandoned its glorious tradition of fasting after gaining power. Now Scamgrs party is filled with power hungry filthy rich people having their bases in London, UAE etc
  3. M
    Mohan Tvm
    Jun 12, 2017 at 1:48 pm
    Before independence, fasting was common among Cong leaders. Congrs lost its tradition after gaining power. Now Scamgrs party is filled with power hungry people
  4. D
    Jun 12, 2017 at 1:20 pm
    Then what was instigating farmers goondas for riots? Kongr is anti-national. Look, how Sheila Dixit's son insulted our army?
  5. K
    Krishnaswamy Swamy
    Jun 12, 2017 at 12:12 pm
    The MP Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan along with his wife had definitely not gone on fast to bring peace back to Mandsaur. Instead the fast was undertaken by the couple was "Paap Mochini Diksha" as atonement for the ruthless gunning down of five poor farmers by the State police. We also see BJP's hypocrisy in prominently displaying a picture of Father of our Nation Mahatma hi in the background at the fast venue, while BJP President Mr Amit Shah insults the Mahatma as "Bahut Chatur Baniya".
  6. S
    Suman Maitra
    Jun 12, 2017 at 11:32 am
    This type of 3rd grade drama-bazi can only be performed by a shameless organization/party. He who have done all the barbarism, is trying to occupy the place of oppositions/protesters by simply organized a Dharna by STATE sponsored FAST !!'' He better offered with some of the (bullet) as a starter for breaking his FAST , that his own administration have spra over the agitating farmers. One wondered, for what purpose a Chief Minister is making the fast. There were no sign of repent in his speech or to his Cabinet colleagues or to his party leaders aftermath the tragic incident! Ironically he has to take the refuge of the same hi-jI , to whom his own party president called as ‘ Chatur Beniya’.
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