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Chandigarh stalking case: Subhash Barala kept calling, I didn’t take his calls, says father

IAS officer Virender Kundu’s daughter, Varnika, was allegedly chased by Barala’s son, Vikas, and his friend, Ashish Kumar, for over seven kilometres on Friday night.

Written by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Updated: August 11, 2017 10:15 am
chandigarh stalking case, chandigarh stalking incident, subhash barala, varnika kundu, Virender Kundu, BJP chief subhash barla, indian express, india news, latest news Kundu said it was fortunate that the crime was committed in the jurisdiction of Chandigarh police. “It would have been next to impossible (to get justice) in Haryana, despite being an IAS officer,” he said. (Source: Express Photo/Kamleshwar Singh)

On the night of August 4, as he waited with his daughter at the Sector 26 police station in Chandigarh for an FIR to be registered, IAS officer Virender Kundu reportedly received several calls from Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala. “I don’t have his number on my phone, but I knew it was him through Truecaller (app). I did not take any of his calls because I knew what he was going to say,” Kundu told The Indian Express on Tuesday.

Kundu’s daughter, Varnika, was allegedly chased by Barala’s son, Vikas, and his friend, Ashish Kumar, for over seven kilometres on Friday night. Police said on Monday that CCTV footage shows the “victim being chased by the accused”. Varnika was rescued by a PCR van that intercepted the two men in their car. After she drove back to her Panchkula home, she and her father went to the police station to file their complaint. Varnika has accused them of attempting to abduct her.

Kundu said Krishan Dhull, a BJP spokesperson who he knows, first called him to say the two accused were “part of the clan”, a reference to their caste association, then revealed that one of them was Barala’s son. Dhull even arrived at the police station, trying to seek a compromise on behalf of the two men, he said.

“When the two men realised that they had landed themselves in serious trouble, and that we were intent on registering a case, they said, ‘behen galti ho gayi (we made a mistake)’,” recalled Kundu. The 1986 Haryana-cadre IAS officer said he and his daughter were determined to pursue the case, and would accept no compromise or apology, although this could change their lives completely.

There can be “no apology for a crime”, he said. “In any case, apology kuch hai hi nahi ab (there is no apology now)… Because the crime is no longer against Varnika or me… the crime is against the state now. Once he has committed the crime, it is the state that will decide,” said Kundu. Responding to Barala’s statement on Tuesday that Varnika was “like” his daughter, Kundu said, “Subhash Barala has a daughter… is it okay that his daughter is chased by two goons at night?”

Kundu said the only “positive intervention” he had made to strengthen his daughter’s case was to call UT Home Secretary Anurag Aggarwal and the SSP Traffic, a Haryana-cadre police officer posted in Chandigarh, on Saturday morning, to ask them to secure the CCTV footage from the route through which the men chased his daughter.

“I told the Home Secretary what had happened, (that) the CCTV may be sabotaged… this is my apprehension, we need to secure it. He said ‘we will take care, Chandigarh mein aisa nahin hota (such things don’t happen in Chandigarh),’ but what I feared happened,” he said, referring to the administration’s earlier claim that the cameras were not working. Kundu said there was enough evidence against the two men. Amid fears that the high-profile links of the accused had led to watering down of the charges to “stalking” and “wrongful restraint”, Kundu said some of his friends had advised him to appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Why should I do that,” he said. “After 70 years of independence, we should be able to expect that the police, prosecution and judiciary will do the right thing. I am testing the system to see if it can deliver justice.”

According to Kundu, after his daughter reached home on Friday night, both of them went back on a request from the police — first to the spot where the men had been nabbed and were still waiting, and then to the police station. “I introduced myself, at which the police asked me, ‘aap kya karna chahte hain (what do you want to do)’. We were clear from the beginning that we wanted a case to be registered. But what this shows is that the police are not mentally prepared to file an FIR immediately, although the policemen in the PCR saw the brazenness with which the crime was being committed,” he said. Kundu said it was fortunate that the crime was committed in the jurisdiction of Chandigarh police. “It would have been next to impossible (to get justice) in Haryana, despite being an IAS officer,” he said.

When contacted, BJP leader Krishan Dhull told The Indian Express: “Mein gaya tha, lekin compromise karvane nahin. Sirf ek baar ye kehne ki Baralaji se baat karlen. Jaise aap ek pidit pita hain, vaise Baralaji bhi ek pidit pita hain. Baralaji ne unhe phone kiya, par unhone liye hi nahin. Maine dubara bola ek baar baat kar lijiye, unhone kahan aaj kisi se baat nahin karunga (I did not go there to strike a compromise. I went to ask him to talk to Barala. Just as he is an aggrieved father, Barala too is an aggrieved father. Barala called him up, but he didn’t take the call. I asked him again to talk to him, but he said he would not talk to anyone),” he said.

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  1. M
    Aug 12, 2017 at 4:12 pm
    I think this lady Hina Rohtaki has been the best in media to have written an article that is so powerful about the Barala case. Every other newspaper and magazine covered the story but Hina's style and content are unmatched. Keep the good work going Hina! No one covered the story as well as you have.
    1. K
      Aug 11, 2017 at 6:10 pm
      THis girl is a drunkard, drug addict, and characterless girl, u can easily make out the same from her face, u can inquire her friensds and find out her life style, the boys must have followed her but why will they kidnap her, but unfortunately on women issues there is so much pressure created by the media (this communist/ feminist media) that the police cannot at all do a fair investigation, police admits this that they are on pressure on women issues by the media especially this ENGLISH speaking media/ press. The same is very evident in recent similar cases on women issues where the acccused was a poor sufferer due to unnecessary media pressure, especially the ROHTAK sisters case, who were made heroes for beating a poor, simple boy, later there reality was out in front of everyone, same is the case of a DELhi girl case, also Asaram Bapu case where the media cried and declared him a rapist, but now it is clear by the police investigations that there was no rape commited whatsoever.
      1. S
        Oct 20, 2017 at 4:20 pm
        Even if the girl was druf addict, characterless and all those things that you said..what is a boy supposed to do?? Abduct her?? Grow up man!!
      2. R
        Aug 10, 2017 at 8:12 pm
        BJP's leaders are liars and of double standard. As we can see, BJP has stashed such crores and crores of black money that it can bribe crores of Rupees, and purchase MLAs in many states like Gujrat, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Manipur etc. ........ And icing on the cake was that - The two MLAs showed their ballot papers to gazing eyes of Amit Shah to ensure that Amit Shah realizes his bribing of crores of black money is not going down the drain.
        1. सुनील
          Aug 10, 2017 at 4:45 pm
          क्या क़ानून सबके लिए बराबर है❓ यदि हाँ तो इंसाफ़ होगा और सज़ा भी होगी । बेटी भी बचेगी और देश भी ।
          1. narayan kutty
            Aug 10, 2017 at 3:46 pm
            Media always prefer woman in good exposure.
            1. Jack Sparrow
              Aug 10, 2017 at 5:22 pm
              so you mean the women is not victim in this case and The BJP leaders son was chasing these lady to celebertae rakhsa Bhandhan.... or Polcie picke this guy wrongly from streets and framed this guy ? Pathetic people like you are reason leader like this comes to power.
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