Chandigarh: Residents lament cash crunch, government inaction

Long queues were witnessed at banks on Thursday as people gathered to withdraw salary, pensions. Adil Akhzer talks to five persons at Bank Square in Sector 17 about the difficulties faced by them

Written by Adil Akhzer | Published: December 2, 2016 6:22:06 am

Today is the first day of the month and I have to pay rent to my landlord and few other people. Since no ATM was working at Kharar, I came here to withdraw cash. I even skipped my class to come here. The decision by PM Modi banning Rs 500 and 1000 notes may be a good one, but people are facing inconvenience because cash is unavailable in the banks and also in the ATMs. I would have never thought in my life that there will be a day when I would travel to a different city to take money from the bank.

Atul Singh (26), student
Location: PNB ATM

I received information yesterday that the salary has been credited into my account. Today morning, I first visited Sector 22 and I found no ATM was working. Then I reached Sector 17 Bank Square and found few of the ATMs were working. The government said public should use ATM cards, but how it is possible to pay money in that mode to my maid, vegetable vendor and other people. I don’t know how much cash I would be able to withdraw, but, this month I won’t be able to give full money to all those people whom I pay at the end of the month.

Simran Kaur (25), Computer professional , Panchkula
Location: SBI ATM

Every month, I send money to my son who studies in Bangalore. I am not that tech savvy that I know how to transfer money from one account to another. Every month, I used to send him money without any problem. This time, I am already late because it is hard to get cash from the bank. The big problem is that I cannot withdraw more than Rs 24,000 a week. I have to send my son Rs 15,000 tomorrow. How is this possible to manage other things with the rest of the Rs 10,000? It is difficult.

Gulshan Kumar (45)
Location: Bank of Baroda ATM

I was waiting inside the bank since the last two hours. I was given a slip and I was waiting since then. I used to get my pension of Rs 10,000 in not more than 20 minutes from the bank till the last month. This month, it was different and with more trouble. I reached here early and see the bank crowded with people. People are facing inconvenience. But Modi ji’s step will stop block money and we support him in this.

Mitu Ram (68)
Location: Inside SBI branch

I took one hour permission from my seniors so that I can come here to withdraw cash. I need money for my mother, who is suffering from kidney disease and I have to pay for her treatment. My salary was credited today and I have come from office to withdraw cash. The government should have taken the steps so that people like me don’t have to face inconvenience.

Sohan Kumar (27), private company
Location: PNB ATM

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