Nitish Kumar backing BJP on Ram Nath Kovind raises many speculations

Nitish has on many occasions in the past year warmed up to the ruling party at the Centre, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The praises have manifested into a sort of camaraderie that is seen regularly in the form of support to the PM and the BJP's decision or stand on big issues.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 21, 2017 9:10 pm
ram nath kovind, presidential election 2017, nitish kumar, jdu, ram nath kovind jdu, jdu ram nath kovind, india news Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and NDA’s presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind.

After Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar described the nomination of Governor Ram Nath Kovind for President post by NDA as a matter of personal happiness, the JDU on Wednesday decided to support his candidature and skip the Opposition meeting. This was not the first time Nitish came in support of a decision taken by the Centre, particularly Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has done this on a number of occasions in recent past. And the praises have manifested into a sort of camaraderie raising speculation of a possible ghar wapsi of Nitish into NDA.

Nitish and Modi fell out famously during the run up to the 2014 election when Modi was made the prime ministerial candidate of the NDA. After that, Nitish’s mahagathbandhan against the BJP successfully prevented PM Modi’s victory in Bihar. All this painted the two leaders as bitter rivals of each other. However, once a staunch opponent of Modi, Nitish seems to have become one of his biggest admirers in recent time.

The two heaped praises on each other when liquor ban was announced in Bihar. PM Modi welcomed his move then and caught many in the political circles by surprise. He had said: “I greet Nitish Kumar from the core of my heart for launching a campaign against liquor.” This comment was greeted by Nitish in an, even more, praiseful manner and he invoked PM Modi’s work as a chief minister to suggest his government drew confidence from PM Modi’s similar achievement in Gujarat.

“Our Prime Minister was chief minister for 12 years and he implemented prohibition of liquor very effectively in Gujarat,” Nitish had said.

This was followed by Nitish backing Centre’s decision of demonetisation, which was met with wide opposition from political parties and the general public. Nitish called demonetisation as a “big move” and appreciated the government’s attack on black money.

Nitish’s visit to PM’s house recently,  skipping the UPA meeting to discuss the presidential candidate also raised many eyebrows. He met the PM and sought immediate help for waterways, flood preparation, ganga management etc. PM Modi committed prompt support and Nitish Kumar appreciated him for addressing his state’s issues.

With Nitish once again siding with the BJP, at a time when his partner Lalu Yadav’s family is facing the heat after Income Tax raids, political pundits are bracing for a big surprise from the state of Bihar.


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  1. Kuriakose Varkey Pariarath
    Jun 21, 2017 at 11:53 pm
    BJP and RSS are so clever . Deception of the untouchables/SC/ST/Backword communities at its peak. At the same time the hypocracy of left, congress and Misc is exposed. RN GOVIND is a beneficiary of fake Dalit love by right left and middle politics. He may bea very respected person and it make sense if he becomes President of India. Instead of becoming another Jagjivan Ram /KR narayan please show corsage and do something for the people who have been enslaved by the "upper" caste for thousands of years. Insist that you want to real change. At the very least, no manual handling of human waste , no wells banned for "untouchables" , no temple or public places where Dalit entry is banned or mistreated, no physical or verbal abuse of Dalit in India by the time you complete your first term. Enforce anti discrimination laws by national force trained specifically for that task as, at places of Dalit abuses the "upper community , police ,judges and all are biased. Resign if PM fails.
    1. G
      George Cruz
      Jun 22, 2017 at 1:16 am
      One has to be truthful here. The foreign missionaries with vested interests are the worse. They convert poor/des ute Dalits for a bag of rice, for vote bank, these converted christians shamelessly retain Hindu names, blindly support the congress/communists, falsely claim to be secular/inclusive, and get on the freebies/dole at the Indian tax payers expense. It can't be more cunning and deception than the missionaries supported by the congress party.
    2. S
      Jun 21, 2017 at 11:15 pm
      Modi is training NItish , but Nitish should look back on those days when Modi told Bihar has a goondaraj. If Biharis are goonda, why he supported MODI?
      1. S
        Jun 21, 2017 at 11:11 pm
        when Nitish had problem over Manjhi issue, why did nitish go to Pranab or reach Lalu for support? He is not a friend at all. Nitish is CM for Lalu and Congress, does he have a brain or not?