Kapil Mishra’s ‘big bang’ on funds ends in fainting

Mishra threatened to “drag Kejriwal out of his chair”, claimed he had “papers to prove multiple scams”, and also promised to take questions on them — before fainting.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: May 15, 2017 6:12:44 am
kapil mishra, arvind kejriwal, kapil mishra aap donation, aap donation corruption, kapil mishra bjp, kapil mishra bjp, aam aadmi party, aap donation, india news, delhi news The abrupt halt to Mishra’s press meet on AAP. (Express/Prem Nath Pandey)

Sacked Aam Aadmi Party minister Kapil Mishra made fresh accusations against the AAP and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday, alleging “massive financial irregularities” and threatening to “drag Kejriwal to jail by the collar”. He claimed that the party had lied to the Election Commission, laundered money through shell companies and concealed donations from public.

The press conference that Mishra had called at his residence to make the promised “sensational disclosures”, however, ended on a surprise and sudden note when he fainted. Doctors at RML Hospital, where the former AAP leader who has been on a hunger strike for the past four days was taken, said he was “dehydrated” and “mildly weak”, but stable. For his press conference, Mishra was armed with stacks of papers, a slideshow, some cheques, and slogans such as “Ab toh yeh spasht hai, Arvind Kejriwal bhrasht hai (Now it is clear, Kejriwal is corrupt)”. He threatened to “drag Kejriwal out of his chair”, claimed he had “papers to prove multiple scams”, and also promised to take questions on them — before fainting.

During his interaction, Mishra made no reference to his previous allegation that he had seen Kejriwal take Rs 2 crore, of “dubious origins”, from Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain. Refuting the allegations, the AAP said Mishra was simply “parroting” the allegations the BJP had made. AAP leader Sanjay Singh said, “This is the BJP’s ploy to finish the AAP. It should stop questioning the credentials of the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. He (Kejriwal) quit as joint commissioner with the Income Tax Department as well as chief minister (during his first term). We have ensured full transparency while accepting funds.”

Mishra claimed “massive discrepancies” between the money the AAP had in its account and what it had declared to the EC or made public between 2013-14 and 2015-16. He alleged that the AAP’s bank account had around Rs 45 crore in 2013-14, while it claimed on its website that the amount was only around Rs 19 crore, and declared only Rs 9 crore to the EC. Similarly, he added, “In 2014-15, the AAP had Rs 65,52,40,752 in its bank account, but the Election Commission was informed about only Rs 32,46,16,662, while the party put only Rs 27,38,71,611 in the public domain and told its volunteers it had no money.” Mishra alleged the AAP had created 461 “bogus entries” in the party ledger to allow crores to be transferred into the party’s account from different shell companies. He claimed that a vast network of fake companies had been created by the AAP to convert black money into white, saying an address in East Delhi had 187 companies registered at the same address, including eight foreign companies.

“It has now become clear that Arvind Kejriwal is a corrupt man,” he said. Mishra also alleged that 16 shell companies, which he claimed were managed by an AAP MLA, made donations to the party. These donations, he claimed, “were made at midnight, January 20, 2014” while going on to allege that another AAP MLA’s wife had also invested in these shell companies.

Mishra added that the registered addresses of four directors of the 16 companies which had had allegedly donated to the AAP were the same. “All this happened with the knowledge of Arvind Kejriwal as these shell companies deposited money in the AAP’s bank account on the same day and time in January 2014.” Mishra presented three “undated” cheques — one amounting to Rs 21 lakh and two more for Rs 35 crore each — from the alleged shell companies that had reportedly once transferred Rs 2 crore to the AAP’s account.

Mishra was referring to allegations made by an AAP splinter group, AAP Volunteer Action Manch (AVAM), in February 2015 that the party had received donations amounting to Rs 50 lakh each from companies that existed only on paper. The AAP had, at the time, said that they were unaware of the source of the cheques. Accompanying Mishra on Sunday was Neil Terrance Haslam, a former AAP worker and self-proclaimed whistleblower, who had in February 2015 claimed to have aided AVAM.

After Mishra was rushed to hospital, Haslam was left to fend questions. Asked from where he had got the cheques, he claimed they were given by a “source within the AAP”. Mishra also threatened to approach the CBI on Monday with documents to expose yet another scam, this time pertaining to the AAP’s Mohalla Clinics Scheme.

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