Share of Muslims and Hindus in J&K population same in 1961, 2011 Censuses

Numbers for the two communities show a remarkable similarity.

Written by ZEESHAN SHAIKH | Updated: December 30, 2016 8:25 am
j&K, J&K population, J&K muslim population, J&K hindu population, Jammu kashmir, jammu kashmir population, J&K census, J&K news, India news Hurriyat Conference supporters shout slogans during a protest after Friday prayers in Srinagar. (AP Photo)

As another agitation looms over Jammu and Kashmir over the alleged government-induced demographic change — through the issuance of identity certificates to the mostly Hindu West Pakistan refugees — Census figures show the overall religious make-up of the state remains almost exactly similar to what it was 50 years ago.

In 1961, Muslims, with a population of 24.32 lakh, constituted 68.31% of the state’s population of 35.60 lakh, while Hindus, numbering 10.13 lakh, made up 28.45%.

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Half a century later, the Census of 2011 recorded the Muslim population at 85.67 lakh — again 68.31% of the total population of 125.41 lakh (1.25 crore) — and the Hindu population at 35.66 lakh (28.43% of the total).

j&K, J&K population, J&K muslim population, J&K hindu population, Jammu kashmir, jammu kashmir population, J&K census, J&K news, India news

j&K, J&K population, J&K muslim population, J&K hindu population, Jammu kashmir, jammu kashmir population, J&K census, J&K news, India news

The changes in demography are a contentious issue in Jammu and Kashmir. The separatists and the government have often engaged in divisive debates on J&K’s demographic profile, drawing sections of the population into agitations and street protests, and fanning fears that the state’s unique position under the Constitution is under threat.

The pre-Independence Census of 1941 recorded Muslims as constituting 72.41% of the population, and Hindus 25.01%. Thereafter, the proportion of Muslims in the state’s population fell gradually until 1981, when it bottomed at 64.19%, even as the Hindu population peaked at 32.24%.

After 1981, the proportion of Muslims in the population started to rise, touching 66.97% in 2001 and 68.31% in the following count in 2011.

Jammu and Kashmir originally had 14 districts — 6 each in the Kashmir and Jammu divisions, and 2 in Ladakh. Ten of these districts were Muslim-majority — 6 in Kashmir, 3 in Jammu and 1 in Ladakh. Three districts had a Hindu majority and 1 had a Buddhist majority.

In 2006, 8 new districts were created, taking the total number of districts to 22. Of these, 17 have a Muslim majority — 10 in Kashmir, 1 in Ladakh, 6 in Jammu.

Hindus are the majority community in 4 districts of the Jammu division; Buddhists are the majority in Leh.

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    IE. You keep amusing me with the new lows you hit to every ping day with your "reporting". While I may grant you that you may not have doctored these figures, you certainly have manited these numbers to suit your narrative. Can you make a similar historical analysis of ONLY Kashmir Valley? Or are you too afraid to be caught red handed?
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      You want the Indian Army to honour the stone peters with flowers then? I fully back the Indian Army. Those soldiers have not been sent to die of stones thrown by thankless Islamic majoritarians. A soldier has a right to self defence and even if 10,00,000stone pelting Kashmiris had died of pellet guns, it is acceptable to every Indian. It's laughable when Kashmiris or their sympathisers talk about human rights when Kashmiris themselves don't respect the human rights of Indian soldiers.
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        Forget Kashmir valley for a monent. Look at Western UP. Katwaas in Western UP are killing,raping Hindus everyday. Women afe being gangraped,gangrape videos circulated,girls aulted. Western UP has become a killing field for Hindus. Thanks to jats,a few BJP MLAs and MPs,Hindusblive there. Otherwise they would have fled. Kairana is an example of the problems Hindus face there. Mujaffarnagar,Shamli,Meerut,Saharanpur,Baghpat etc.have substantial moslemm potion. Hindus face serious problems. Mughalistan corridor project cant be allowed to progress. Hindus from other areas need to wake up. We need to think-can out future generations survive?
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          Hindus have no rights unless they are congress supporters
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            Terrorism is a fek lie created by jhumla party
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