Old SPP is back, pitch queered for Jayalalithaa

AIADMK leaders say that even in the worst case, they expect a smaller punishment from the higher courts for party chief J Jayalalithaa.

Written by Johnson T A | Updated: May 1, 2015 12:51 am
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Summarised here is the Jaya DA case appeal in the Karnataka High Court.

Where does the case stand now?
Former Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa appealed her September 27 conviction in the Supreme Court, which gave her bail on October 17 and asked the Karnataka High Court to form a special bench to hear her appeal. On January 1, the HC formed a special bench of Justice C R Kumaraswamy. Hearing began despite a plea from DMK’s K Anbazhagan to remove Special Public Prosecutor Bhavani Singh. Anbazhagan moved the SC, which on April 27 struck down Singh’s appointment and held that Karnataka is the sole prosecuting agency in the pending appeals filed by Jaya.

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What were Anbazhagan’s charges?
He argued that Singh had no authority to appear in Jaya’s appeal against her conviction because Singh was made SPP only for conduct of the trial by the Karnataka government. Singh’s appointment as SPP was not in accordance with the CrPC — Tamil Nadu’s Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) had lost the power to appoint a prosecutor when the case was transferred to Karnataka in 2003 — and his continuation would be unethical, the DMK leader argued. Singh has been accused of siding with the accused, and during the hearing of Anbazhagan’s petition in the SC, Jaya herself had defended Singh’s continuance as SPP.

So, who will present the prosecution in the High Court now?
The SC allowed Anbazhagan and the Karnataka government to place written arguments for the prosecution in the HC within two days, but did not allow a de novo hearing. Anbazhagan presented arguments on Monday. Karnataka has approached the original prosecutor, B V Acharya, to place written arguments. Acharya, who built up the case against Jaya, quit as SPP in 2012 after accusing Karnataka’s BJP government of forcing him to help her out.

When can the verdict be expected in the case?
The High Court has indicated that it would be in a position to pronounce judgment by May 12. But it could seek more time now that the SC has asking it to consider written arguments for the prosecution by Karnataka and Anbazhagan.

What happens in the case from here onward?
In case of an adverse verdict, Jayalalithaa will have a chance to appeal to the SC. AIADMK leaders say that even in the worst case, they expect a smaller punishment from the higher courts than the four-year jail term that Jayalalithaa has been given by the Bangalore special court. In the best case scenario, if she is acquitted, it could potentially change the politics of Tamil Nadu in the short term, and present the AIADMK with a huge boost. Law enforcers would also be watching for potential public volatility, even though a reaction similar to September 2014 — when at least 150 party cadres or sympathisers committed suicide after she was convicted — is not expected again.

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  1. Sesha
    May 1, 2015 at 7:30 am
    Before giving judgment, Mr. Kumaraswamy has to consider the following: 1. Jayalalithaa lost her father at the age of 2; gave up her ambition to become advocate at the age of 15;3. lost her grishasthaasrama life after being talked with MGR at the age of 18 (here he needs to scrutinize whether it is a natural one or a created one by Karunanidhi who at the same time built up relationship with Raajathi (who was in Kannadhaasan's drama troupe then) (what there was a need for "Music Farmer" Karunanidhi to have relationship with Raajathi when he had many children already through Dayalu?), 4.lost relation ship with Soban Babu at the age of around 25;5. lost her mother at the same time;6.praised by Rm Veerappan about her to MGR who, gave her the chance to practize her interest in "Dhargam" in 1980s; 6. Ridiculed by party men that "wife in home;sister in public" on relations with MGR..Here she installed in herself a redchip (like Chitti, the Robot) and started becoming a swadharma virodhi;At the same time, MGR was becoming physically weak, Indira hi dies, Rajiv hi becomes PM..with whose help or support, she started doing a "planned self-digging (?)" politics, which is to be questioned now like a)how she got money to split AIADMK and run it under Seval banner in 1988;b) how she got the twin leaves symbol back; c)what did she tell to Subramanyam swamy while giving dinner about her story;d) why subramanyam swamy wanted her to project as CM and how he supplied money to face election in 1991; The only mistake she did is, being a brahmin, she should have advocated purushaartha and swadharmaa..but she did not..and hence all ill thoughts replaced them...
    1. S
      May 4, 2015 at 5:12 am
      What you sow shall you reap.. As an iyengar what she did to Kanchi Acharyal
      1. S
        May 1, 2015 at 7:39 am
        Smaller Punishment than 4 years in Bangalore Special court if the verdict is changed by higher courts if the AIADMK LEADER Ms.Jayalalitha is acquitted no doubt it could potentially change the politics in Tamilnadu in short term.Other party leaders like DMK are more interested to keep the AIADMK away from political in election keep her locked in conviction. She is highly supported by the people of Tamilnadu the last PUBLIC ELECTION 2011 WILL PROVE HER THUMPING MAJORITY AND ALSO 2014 LOKSABHA ELECTION BOTH A LAND MARK OF HER SOCIAL SERVICE FOR THE WELFARE OF THE TAMILNADU PEOPLE.