National Herald case: Trinamool warms up to Congress

It is not immediately clear whether it is the dangling Saradha sword or speculation about a possible Congress-Left tie-up, but Trinamool Congress has clearly warmed up to Congress on the National Herald issue in a way that makes it stand out in the opposition block.

Written by Abantika Ghosh | New Delhi | Updated: December 9, 2015 11:30 pm
sonia gandhi, mamata banerjee, sonia diwali message, sonia mamata, sonia message to mamata, bengal polls, Trinamool congress, mamata TMC, politics news, nation news On Wednesday, Sonia had sent a text to Mamata from her personal cellphone, conveying her wishes for Diwali. Archive

It is not immediately clear whether it is the dangling Saradha sword or speculation about a possible Congress-Left tie-up, but Trinamool Congress has clearly warmed up to Congress on the National Herald issue in a way that makes it stand out in the opposition block.

On Wednesday in the Rajya Sabha, Trinamool’s Derek O’Brien made a strong statement about how his party or any other party does not need to be reminded about the legislative obligations of MPs but at a time when there is political vendetta happening all across the country the matter needs to be raised. Sloganeering Congress MPs in the well hit the mute button for just enough time for O’Brien to make his speech. The Lok Sabha MPs on their part walked out along with Congress in protest against political vendetta. On Tuesday, most Trinamool MPs in Lok Sabha stood up in solidarity with the agitated Congress MPs and no less than the party supremo herself outlined the party’s position when she unambiguously supported the Gandhis’ reluctance to appear in court. She also met Sonia Gandhi to wish her on her birthday and claimed that there were no political discussions at the meeting.

There are obviously points of convergence between the two parties. In the last winter session of Parliament Trinamool had put up a protest a day and one of the issues that its MPs had protested against was the CBI action in the Saradha scam. Two Trinamool Rajya Sabha MPs were imprisoned, and one MP and a former minister of the state continues to be in jail for their alleged involvement in the Saradha scam. Incidentally when Trinamool protested it had largely been alone but now it makes political sense for it to join forces with the principal opposition party. The party is acutely conscious of the fact that it was Congress president Sonia Gandhi herself who enlisted them in the present cause but the upcoming assembly elections would naturally be topmost in the minds of Trinamool strategists when they place themselves beside Congress.

Over the last few weeks there have been rumours about an electoral tie-up between Congress and Left in the state for the Assembly elections. Banerjee herself lent credence to those rumours when she told journalists on Tuesday: “In my state they (Congress) are with the Left, in some places they are also with BJP,” making it clear that as the incumbent chief minister her fight is against all political parties and not just the Left therefore taking away from the coalition that she had displaced after a 34-year rule even the prestige of being the main contender. But astute politician that she is Banerjee, especially after the BJP’s dismal show in the Bihar Assembly elections knows that she can ill afford the risk of an understanding between Left and Congress.

In the 2014 elections Trinamool that won 34 Lok sabha seats had a vote share of 39.30%, CPM had 22.70%, BJP 16.80% and Congress 9.60%. Seeking a second term Banerjee despite her largesse to neighbourhood clubs and involvement of Trinamool bigwigs in Durga Puja Committees faces inevitable anti-incumbency and had BJP emerged as a force to reckon with in the neighbouring state it would have been an effective splitter of the anti-incumbency votes. That possibility is all but non-existent now because in a state where the saffron party is already far less fancied than it was in pre-poll Bihar, a vote for BJP many would tend to regard as a vote wasted.

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  1. B
    Dec 9, 2015 at 9:14 pm
    Let law takes it course,but the guilty are afraid otherwise why all this huu haa
    1. J
      Jai Telangana
      Dec 9, 2015 at 5:46 pm
      Mamatadi is Sonia's Dasi. Will do anything to please her "Master"! And...Anna Hazare wanted Manata to become the PM!!!
      1. Harry Achari
        Dec 9, 2015 at 8:18 pm
        Herald and saradha criminals are ganging up to challenge against people saying that law is their property. They own Supreme Court. Judge is their servant. Soon Lalu and mulayam will follow
        1. K
          Dec 10, 2015 at 7:51 am
          SHAME ON YOU MAMATA TO GO AND STAND BEFORE THIS ITALIAN LADY. Don't you have your dignity ? you are a pound India. You are not corrupt and you are a good leader in Bengal. WHY DO YOU STOOP TO THE LOW LEVEL OF GREETING THIS GREEDY AND CORRUPT ITALIAN?
          1. A
            Arivali Tamizhan
            Dec 10, 2015 at 7:46 am
            Mamata: Since they are President and VP of the leading party they feel embarred to go to the court. they think, people are not aware of their involvement in the Himalayan scams in India - FROM BOFORS TO 2G. The loot must have exceeded several trillions. If they do not want anyone to question them, then they should have been like Dr.Abdul Kalam or Dr. Manmohan Singh, or ex-defence minister Antony who were all absolutely above board. Let me narrate one incident now: AS YOU KNOW KAMARAJ WAS A CONGRESS LEADER OF ABSOLUTE INTERGRITY AND HONESTY AND WAS A KING MAKER AT ONE TIME. HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR INDIRA HI TO BECOME PM AT THAT TIME. WHEN KAMARAJ NADAR WAS CM OF TAMIL NADU, HE WNT TO HIS TOWN VIRUDUNAGAR AND SAW AN EXTRA PIPE CONNECTION GIVEN TO HIS HOUS WHERE HIS OLD MOTHER WAS STAYING. HE ASKED THE AUTHORITIES WHY ONE EXTRA PIPE IS GIVING TO HIS MOTHER'S HOUSE. THEY TOLD ME TAHT THEY WANTED TO GIVE GOOD SUPPLY TO HIS MOTHER'S HOUSE. KAMARAJ ASKED THEM TO REMOVE THE PIPE CONNECTION AND ASKED HIS MOTHER TO GO TO STREET CORNER AND FETCH WATER FROM PUBLIC TAP, LIKE OTHER CITIZENS. Such were the leaders of Congress those days. Now even if you point your finger on the corrupt, they are taking the country for a ride, by disrupting the Parliament. No thoughts about the people of India, they are bothered only about their son , daughter, son-in-law and g children. REDICULOUS
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