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The states where cow slaughter is legal in India

Slaughter of the cow and its progeny is banned in most of India; the consumption of their meat is also largely prohibited.

By: Express News Service | Updated: October 8, 2015 9:00 am
beef ban, beef ban rajasthan, rajasthan beef, rajasthan beef ban, rajasthan cow protection, cow protection act, cow protection act rajasthan, rajasthan news Jail terms 10 yrs for cow slaughter in Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Rajasthan. Punishment up to varying terms in jail in other states.

States where cow slaughter is legal:

13) Kerala
No restrictions.

23) West Bengal
No restrictions.

16, 18) Other Northeast
No ban in Arunachal, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim. In Manipur, Maharaja in 1939 decreed prosecution for cow slaughter, but beef consumed widely.

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States where cow slaughter is banned:

1) Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
Slaughter of cows, calves prohibited. Bulls, bullocks can be killed against “fit-for-slaughter” certificate, issued if animals can no longer be used for breeding; draught/agricultural operations. Violators face 6 months jail and/or Rs 1,000 fine.

2) Assam
Cow slaughter banned except on issue of ‘fit-for-slaughter’ certificate, at designated places.

3) Bihar
Slaughter of cows, calves banned; of bulls, bullocks older than 15 years allowed. Violators face 6 months’ jail and/or Rs 1,000 fine.

4) Chandigarh
Killing a cow, storing/serving/eating beef banned; eating meat of buffalo, bullock, ox also banned.

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5) Chhattisgarh
Slaughter of cow, buffalo, bull, bullock, calf, and possession of their meat banned. Transport, export to other states for slaughter also banned; attracts same punishment of 7 years’ jail, fine up to Rs 50,000.

6) Delhi
Slaughter of “agricultural cattle” — cow, calf, bull, bullock — and “possession of [their] flesh”, even if they are killed outside Delhi, banned. Buffaloes are not covered.

7) Gujarat
Slaughter of cow, calf, bull and bullock; transport, sale of their meat banned. Punishment: Rs 50,000 fine, up to 7 years’ jail. Ban does not include buffaloes.

8) Haryana
As per a 2015 law, “cow”, which includes bull, bullock, ox, heifer, calf, and disabled/diseased/barren cows, can’t be killed. Punishment: 3-10 years jail, fine up to Rs 1 lakh. Sale of canned beef and beef products, and export of cows for slaughter banned.

9) Himachal Pradesh
Slaughter of all bovines punishable by 5 years’ jail. Killing allowed in the interest of research, or if animal has contagious disease.

10) Jammu & Kashmir
Slaughter of cow and its progeny punishable by up to 10 years’ jail. Possession of “flesh of any [of these] slaughtered animal(s)” punishable by a year; killing of “he or she buffalo” punishable with fine five times the animal’s price.

11) Jharkhand
Slaughter of cows and oxen; possession, consumption of their meat, banned. Violators face up to 10 years’ jail and/or Rs 10,000 fine.

12) Karnataka
Cows can be slaughtered if old or diseased. Possession not a crime. Bill proposed by BJP in 2010 made slaughter punishable by 7 years’ jail and Rs 1 lakh fine, but it did not become law.

14) Madhya Pradesh
Slaughter of cow, progeny banned. Penalty raised to 7 years’ jail in 2012, burden of proof on accused. Buffaloes can be killed.

15) Maharashtra
Slaughter, consumption of meat of cow, bull, bullock banned since March 2015 after revision of existing law. 5 years’ jail and/or Rs 10,000 fine. Slaughter of buffaloes allowed.

No restrictions.

17) Odisha
2 years’ jail, Rs 1,000 fine for cow slaughter. Old bulls, bullocks can be killed on fit-for-slaughter certificate; cow if it suffers from contagious disease.

19) Punjab
“Beef” doesn’t include imported beef; “cow” includes bulls, bullocks, oxen, heifer, calves. Slaughter allowed for export, with government permit.

20) Rajasthan
Slaughter of “cow, calf, heifer, bull or bullock” prohibited; possession, transport of their flesh prohibited. 10 years’ imprisonment and/or Rs 10,000 fine.

21) Tamil Nadu
Cow, calf slaughter banned; up to 3 years’ jail and/or Rs 1,000 fine. Beef consumption and slaughter of economically worthless animals allowed.

22) Uttar Pradesh
Slaughter of cow, bullock, ox banned. Can’t store or eat beef. 7 years’ jail and/or Rs 10,000 fine. Can import in sealed containers, to be served to foreigners. Buffaloes can be killed.

* Jail terms 10 yrs for cow slaughter in Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Rajasthan. Punishment up to varying terms in jail in other states.

* Hefty fine 1 lakh in Haryana, and Rs 50,000 in Chhattisgarh and Gujarat. Range of smaller fines for slaughter and related crimes in other states.

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  1. Kaleemulla Mohamed Ali
    Jan 9, 2018 at 11:22 pm
    Rigveda, Manusmiriti sanction beef-eating Most of the world religions sanctify offering of animals in sacrifice including Hinduism. Hindu scriptures are witnesses to such sacrifices and killings of animals for consumption. References of such commands are replete in Hindu scriptures like Manusmriti, Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmins, Grihsutras, Dharmasutras and others. This column would not suffice for quoting all such references but a few from different scriptures are imperative to bring home the point and clear the misconceptions: Manusmriti (Chapter 5 / Verse 30) says, “It is not sinful to eat meat of eatable animals, for Brahma has created both the eaters and the eatables.” Manusmriti (5 / 35) states: When a man who is properly engaged in a ritual does not eat meat, after his death he will become a sacrificial animal during twenty-one rebirths. Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/1/2/21) that, “I eat beef because it is very soft and delicious.” Apastamb Grihsutram (
    1. U
      May 30, 2017 at 12:22 pm
      A Hypocrite society! If cow should be banned because it's your god what about the mouse, the snake and the monkey. These are your gods too ??? Why sell rat poison in stores? Or why deprive the calf of it's mother's milk. I bet every BJP drinks tea, eats ice cream. What a fake generation!! Kil a cow or a goat discretely is not torture. It's over in only an instant but torturing your fellow human is long lasting pain with it's repurcurssions. And people are good at it. There are thousands of poor starving beggars in line who a BJP will not care to give a penny, but would kill people for kil an animal for food. Hypocrites!!
      1. B
        Baiju Vayappurath
        May 26, 2017 at 11:25 pm
        Democracy do not mean total freedom to pamper the laws of country by having your own Muslim laws, and democracy is not just for you Muslims to use it as only for your advantage purpose, if you believe in democracy why do you want madrasas, burkas and skull caps and your own divorce laws. Small animals like Pigs are not banned in India, You can start eating plenty of pigs. Only few percentage of Hindus eat Pigs so do not worry there will be no demand for pigs Would like to see ban in Madrasas, skull caps and burkas in India and bring in article 486 for the prosperity of India
        1. B
          Baiju Vayappurath
          May 26, 2017 at 10:48 pm
          Very Good job. Even kil buffalo and big animals like camel must also be banned in throughout the country, at present only few states have banned slaughter of buffalo and ox . Kerala, West Bengal and other north eastern states are carnivorous states, have no concern about big animals, they have no humanity and brains, Kerala is rouge state in India. The communist party in Kerala kills human beings and behave like mad dogs.
          1. VneeD Special
            May 31, 2017 at 8:37 am
            Kerala people's are litterated Baiju..they are aware about the Indian cons ution.. People like your state of mind makes groupism and murders in India on the name of an Animal..Im very proud to be a keralite where you can enjoy your life with full of freedom without any restrictions..
            1. r
              Jun 7, 2017 at 11:31 am
              You will behave in human with females and do gang rape, do kill but never bothered about the act upon them. They are not your mother or sister. No punishment for the culprits. God created the creation for the humans. If you say about the keralaites or tamilians as mad dogs then who you are? May God forgive you. Regards Richard
            2. I
              May 9, 2017 at 8:20 am
              I respect all religions as my own religion educate me the same. I am just surprise on two things if a hindu brother in India can answer my questions: 1. When you call India a democracy, then Democratic countries keep religion and govt. separate & DON'T take any religon side. Look western countries eat pork when it's not allowed in jews or Muslim religions. But, even jews being powerful across the world or today there are many western countries with Muslim in largest numbers, govt. does not force one way or other. So, India is really a democracy? 2. If you wanna ban beef or cutting cows as being a Hindu country, fine, I have no issue. But then do you know India is the 2nd largest beef meat provider. 99 of the slaughter houses HUGE in India own and operated by Hindus. Why not govt. goes after them? You want owners name and slaughter houses addresses? I can provide or search Google. Is this a hypocrisy? I am surprise and confuse so asking my Indian friend to make me understand plz
              1. Nitul Das
                Oct 13, 2017 at 9:19 pm
                India is such a democracy that Muslims in India are allowed to have their own personal law board. There is no doubt, that BJP is a Hindu supremacist govt. I completely agree to it. But if you are an Indian muslim I must urge you to believe that we voted them in, just to stop Congress's loot and it doesn't mean that all hindus in India agree to RSS or BJP. I am a hindu but I have consumed beef with my friend in Kolkata. Its a personal choice. I don't give two s. And that is exactly why 99 of slaughter houses are owned by hindus(though I don't know if that is true). Yeah we will continue to respect our religion. But if I want to eat or sell beef I will. And I am sure 99 of intolerant Hindus are in North India and I personally hate the North Indian society. Its backward, regressive and intolerant. So don't worry if BJP continues to incite communal violence, they will be kicked out eventually..
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