The states where cow slaughter is legal in India

Slaughter of the cow and its progeny is banned in most of India; the consumption of their meat is also largely prohibited.

By: Express News Service | Updated: October 8, 2015 9:00 am
beef ban, beef ban rajasthan, rajasthan beef, rajasthan beef ban, rajasthan cow protection, cow protection act, cow protection act rajasthan, rajasthan news Jail terms 10 yrs for cow slaughter in Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Rajasthan. Punishment up to varying terms in jail in other states.

States where cow slaughter is legal:

13) Kerala
No restrictions.

23) West Bengal
No restrictions.

16, 18) Other Northeast
No ban in Arunachal, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim. In Manipur, Maharaja in 1939 decreed prosecution for cow slaughter, but beef consumed widely.

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States where cow slaughter is banned:

1) Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
Slaughter of cows, calves prohibited. Bulls, bullocks can be killed against “fit-for-slaughter” certificate, issued if animals can no longer be used for breeding; draught/agricultural operations. Violators face 6 months jail and/or Rs 1,000 fine.

2) Assam
Cow slaughter banned except on issue of ‘fit-for-slaughter’ certificate, at designated places.

3) Bihar
Slaughter of cows, calves banned; of bulls, bullocks older than 15 years allowed. Violators face 6 months’ jail and/or Rs 1,000 fine.

4) Chandigarh
Killing a cow, storing/serving/eating beef banned; eating meat of buffalo, bullock, ox also banned.

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5) Chhattisgarh
Slaughter of cow, buffalo, bull, bullock, calf, and possession of their meat banned. Transport, export to other states for slaughter also banned; attracts same punishment of 7 years’ jail, fine up to Rs 50,000.

6) Delhi
Slaughter of “agricultural cattle” — cow, calf, bull, bullock — and “possession of [their] flesh”, even if they are killed outside Delhi, banned. Buffaloes are not covered.

7) Gujarat
Slaughter of cow, calf, bull and bullock; transport, sale of their meat banned. Punishment: Rs 50,000 fine, up to 7 years’ jail. Ban does not include buffaloes.

8) Haryana
As per a 2015 law, “cow”, which includes bull, bullock, ox, heifer, calf, and disabled/diseased/barren cows, can’t be killed. Punishment: 3-10 years jail, fine up to Rs 1 lakh. Sale of canned beef and beef products, and export of cows for slaughter banned.

9) Himachal Pradesh
Slaughter of all bovines punishable by 5 years’ jail. Killing allowed in the interest of research, or if animal has contagious disease.

10) Jammu & Kashmir
Slaughter of cow and its progeny punishable by up to 10 years’ jail. Possession of “flesh of any [of these] slaughtered animal(s)” punishable by a year; killing of “he or she buffalo” punishable with fine five times the animal’s price.

11) Jharkhand
Slaughter of cows and oxen; possession, consumption of their meat, banned. Violators face up to 10 years’ jail and/or Rs 10,000 fine.

12) Karnataka
Cows can be slaughtered if old or diseased. Possession not a crime. Bill proposed by BJP in 2010 made slaughter punishable by 7 years’ jail and Rs 1 lakh fine, but it did not become law.

14) Madhya Pradesh
Slaughter of cow, progeny banned. Penalty raised to 7 years’ jail in 2012, burden of proof on accused. Buffaloes can be killed.

15) Maharashtra
Slaughter, consumption of meat of cow, bull, bullock banned since March 2015 after revision of existing law. 5 years’ jail and/or Rs 10,000 fine. Slaughter of buffaloes allowed.

No restrictions.

17) Odisha
2 years’ jail, Rs 1,000 fine for cow slaughter. Old bulls, bullocks can be killed on fit-for-slaughter certificate; cow if it suffers from contagious disease.

19) Punjab
“Beef” doesn’t include imported beef; “cow” includes bulls, bullocks, oxen, heifer, calves. Slaughter allowed for export, with government permit.

20) Rajasthan
Slaughter of “cow, calf, heifer, bull or bullock” prohibited; possession, transport of their flesh prohibited. 10 years’ imprisonment and/or Rs 10,000 fine.

21) Tamil Nadu
Cow, calf slaughter banned; up to 3 years’ jail and/or Rs 1,000 fine. Beef consumption and slaughter of economically worthless animals allowed.

22) Uttar Pradesh
Slaughter of cow, bullock, ox banned. Can’t store or eat beef. 7 years’ jail and/or Rs 10,000 fine. Can import in sealed containers, to be served to foreigners. Buffaloes can be killed.

* Jail terms 10 yrs for cow slaughter in Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Rajasthan. Punishment up to varying terms in jail in other states.

* Hefty fine 1 lakh in Haryana, and Rs 50,000 in Chhattisgarh and Gujarat. Range of smaller fines for slaughter and related crimes in other states.

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First Published on: October 8, 2015 1:23 am
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          try banning it in Germany , I dare you
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            In India cows are having more value than human lives.....hundreds can die due to floods, famines, bad monsoon but a single cow cannot be slaughtered. They have to be send to Gow Shala. Children dont have proper education, they die of malnutrition but cows are provided with the best treatment.
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              so stop eating pork,chicken,mutton,fish. why just beef.
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                Think about yourself what will me your pain or reaction when you are going to be slaughtered... Think about it and save animals jai hind..
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                  To the hypocrites:lt;br/gt;Remember people feel pain when they are raped and murdered in broad daylight in many north indian cities, not by one person but by gangslt;br/gt;People feel pain when they are beaten in cinemas for not standing up for the national anthemlt;br/gt;People feel pain when saffron moral police attack themlt;br/gt;People feel pain when attacked for not being a hindult;br/gt;People feel pain when a hindu refuses to rent their house to them because they are of another religionlt;br/gt;People feel pain when a upper cl treats them like untouchableslt;br/gt;So first practice what you preachlt;br/gt;How can you say you care for animals when you treat lower castes worse than animals
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                        Please change the Pic of the Cow - it isnt a native indian cow.This is a jersey cow and jersey cows arent slaughtered
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                          why eat animals flesh eat human flesh.... experience the taste....
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                            Kerala is the best hindhu every hindhu eat cow even brahmins educated society
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                              The thing is animals cry when they are about to slaughtered. Every Human who have born on this earth should respect humanity whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other person shouldn't forget his humanity. If you really respect your mother, Father, sister, Uncle and you don't ever think of hurting them verbally or physically then why are you killing animals and i.e for what?? Just for your taste... God, Allah, Bhagwan.... Bohot Achhi achhi chije banayi he hamare liye.... Hum bechare janwaro ko khane me lage hai.... Usse jyada hum Ek dusre ke saath ladai krne me lage huwe hai.... How shameful..... STOP SLAUGHTERING.....LOVE NATURE...LOVE PEOPLE.........LOVE ANIMALS....coz the are our friend too. Hope you guys will understand the hidden pain of animals.
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                                Eating anything is a personal choice. Unless someone forces something to be eaten, should be fine.
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                                  Slaughter of cow, bullock, ox banned. Can’t store or eat beef. 7 years’ jail and/or Rs 10,000 fine. Can import in sealed containers, to be served to foreigners. Buffaloes can be;br/gt;cow slaughterthanks for information .
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                                    She was a loudmouth and not suitably qualified to be even a deputy minister in HRD ministry, let alone a cabinet minister. Wonder what made PM Modi select her for the post! She made a complete hash of things.
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                                        Beef slaughter should be legalised, we're a secular country. Moreover there's no logical reason why they shouldn't be
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                                          There is extreme poverty in India.There is caste based distinction in India. We have dowry problem, children malnutrion, lack of quality in schools.List can go;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Instead of tackling the above problems, we are wasting our energy on issue like Cow slaughter. These Gau Rakshaks taking law in their hands should be sent to jail for taking law in to their hands.
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                                            You are right....same as expected of you...tht bolsters the belief system among all of SHRI MO.D.I iduous followers.... And right so..coz your de..struction is our st..op mo.aning and ge.t of.f India's
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