Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th September 2016 full episode written update: Shagun gets Pihu’s custody

Pihu says that she doesn’t like Ishita so she will leave her father.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Published:September 18, 2016 10:38 pm
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The episode starts when lawyer calls Santoshi, Ishita and Raman inside for the hearing. Shagun starts an emotional drama about how she gave birth to Pihu and took care of her. Raman tells her that Shagun was just a surrogate mother. Shagun tells the court that she is Pihu’s mother in every way and she has proof. Raman and Ishita are curious to find out what proof she has. Shagun gives Pihu’s birth certificate to the court that has her name as the mother. And legally, she is Pihu’s mother. Raman and Ishita get a shock on seeing this. Raman suddenly remembers that he had forgotten to change Shagun’s name in the birth certificate.

In the next scene, Aadi goes to the market to buy spices but the shopkeeper insults him and sends him off saying he won’t entertain people like him. Mihika looks on and goes after Aadi. Aadi is sitting in his room staring at a blade when Mihika panics looking at him. She scolds him and he clears that he wasn’t trying to commit suicide and he just wanted to shave. Mihika is relieved. Adi says that he feels bad for everything that’s happening around and the feeling is really bad. He says he wants to go to office now. Mihika shows her support but asks him to not go to office for a couple of days till the situation is better. He agrees.

In the court, Ishita starts panicking and Raman tries to calm her down. He says that if Mani doesn’t come, then they will definitely get Pihu’s custody. Aliya tells Mani that she wants to go out. She asks for her phone and tells him that she wants to call Adi. Mani gets mad at her. She reasons with him but he refuses to listen. He asks her to not meet him but she argues with him. She asks if Shagun has anything to do with this. Both are adamant about the topic and Aliya leaves the house. Mani thinks that Ishita has something to do with Aliya’s behaviour.

Raman tells the court what happened in the last seven years. Ishita supports him when the judge silences her. Raman tells the judge about their past. He tells the court that Shagun can never be a good mother and that Shagun has never been in a stable relationship. Ishita tells the court that she agrees that Shagun took care of Pihu but she was just a surrogate mother. She tells them that Mani also doesn’t trust her when he appears in the court. Shagun is happy to see him. Mani tells her that Shagun is not a bad mother and he will support her to raise Pihu.

Aliya comes to meet Adi at Bhalla house. Adi asks her how she is and tells her to sit. He holds her hand, looks at it worriedly when she says that she is fine now. He apologises to her and clarifies that he doesn’t remember anything. She tells him that she doesn’t know who has done it but knows that he can never do this to her. Mihika overhears and is happy. But she gets a call and advices someone to consult a hypnotherapist. Aliya finds it funny to which Mihika says that it worked for Romi. Adi is lost in thoughts and tells Mihika that he wants to try it out.

In the court, the judge calls for Pihu who says that she wants to live with Shagun. The family is shattered to hear this. She says that she doesn’t like Ishita so she will leave her father. She says that Raman only listens to Ishita ever since she came back. Shagun gets the custody. Everybody cries and Shagun is obviously happy.