Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2016 full episode written update: Raman goes to Mani and tells him about Alia and Adi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2016 full episode written update: Mani locks Alia in a room and tells her not to step out of the house. Shagun tells Mani that he's right and should marry Alia off soon.

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yeh-hai-mohbattein-759 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun tells Mani that he’s right and should marry Alia off soon.

Adi tries to talk to Ishita to stop Raman, and she asks them why did they even do something like this when they knew it wouldn’t work. She tells them that Mani and Raman will hate them both for increasing their problems. She thinks that Shagun will get another opportunity to trap Pihu and never let her come back. She tells them that she cannot help them now.

Pihu tells Shagun that they should tell Mani about Alia but she changes the topic. Pihu tells her to get a phone for Ananya so that she can talk to her as she has no phone.

Raman goes to meet Mani and comes in to avoid a scene outside. He tells him to ask Alia about her plan to stay in a hotel room. He asks him about her infamous etiquettes and claims that he wouldn’t ever want a daughter-in-law like her. He leaves with Adi and Mani starts slapping Alia.

Shagun comes and stops him and he says that she has let him down too badly now. Alia answers back by saying that he has done nothing for her and is marrying her off forcefully. He talks about how he is only fulfilling his duty and can do anything to keep her on the right track. He takes her to a room and says that she won’t step out of the house now. She takes out her phone and says that she’ll inform Adi. Mani sees her phone and breaks it.

Shagun tries to brainwash him by saying that somebody’s trying to influence them both and tells him that he’s right in marrying her off. Mani says that he’ll stop this influence soon.

Adi takes Alia’s side and tells Raman that its his fault that he didn’t change the name in Pihu’s birth certificate. He starts yelling at him for messing with Mani and Ishita stops him. He says that he cannot stop pointing out mistakes only because they’re old. He points Ishita’s mistake in marrying off Shagun and that gave her the support to adopt Pihu.

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He says that they weren’t trying to do anything wrong only if they are young. He goes to Raman and says that he’s always drunk and does mistakes then why can’t they be forgiven for this one mistake. He blames it all on Raman and Ishita and how they made them do this.

Adi tries to call Alia and is unable to reach her and understands that Mani must’ve taken her phone. He calls on the landline and Mani picks up and tells him to never call again. He talks to Romi and tells him that Mani has taken Alia’s phone and they prepare to head out.

Romi tells Mihika that they’re going to beat up Alia’s fiance so that he says no to the marriage. She tries to stop them and tells Ishita about it. Adi talks to Alia’s fiance and tells him to stay away from her. He adds that he should say no to this proposal and this would leave no option for Mani. Romi also tells him to say this and gives him a warning.

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