Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2016 full episode written update: Mr. Singhal tries to mediate between Raman and Mani

Ishita asks Mr. Singhal to make Raman and Mani sort their issues.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 4, 2016 8:45:23 pm
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In the first scene, Ruhi briefs Santoshi and Mrs. Iyyer when Raman asks them if he can drop them somewhere. As they both get doubtful, Ishita comes and saves the situation by saying that she will drop them. Aadi calls Aalia but since she was with Mani she disconnects. Mani asks Aalia whose phone was it. Aalia lies and says she has no idea and get nervous when Shagun comes there and says it was her phone and sends Aalia to Pihu’s room. Aalia then calls Aadi and tells him to be careful the next time. Aadi asks her to meet him at some restaurant. Shagun was listening to her conversation and comes in and says she was right and asks who has given her that phone when Aalia tells her that Aadi has gifted him this phone. Shagun encourages her to meet Aadi and says that she won’t tell Mani. Shagun then thinks to herself that the closer Aalia and Aadi will get, the more the tensions between Raman and Mani will escalate and then Mani won’t ask her to give Pihu’s custody to Raman.

Mrs. Iyyer and Santoshi get a job in Pihu’s school as a teacher and a care taker respectively. At the restaurant, Aadi gives a rose to Aalia and says that he couldn’t get a bouquet as it would be difficult to hide. Aalia says that he does a lot for her and she doesn’t do anything for him, but Aadi tells her that the most important thing is her time which she is giving to him. Aadi sees Raman and Romi in the same restaurant and asks Aalia to hide her face. Romi notices him there and gets a waiter trip over Raman and signals Aadi to leave as he takes Raman to the restroom. Aadi and Aalia try to sneak out but they find Mani coming from the other direction.

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In the next scene, we see Pihu insisting Shagun to come with her but Shagun makes excuses and asks her to stay at home and tells her how to create a group on WhatsApp and asks her to add all her friends. Pihu adds all her friends and Ananya to the group.

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Aadi and Aalia manage to sneak out of the restaurant and then Mr. Singhal makes Mani meet Raman and tells them that they are fighting like kids and no one is not happy with this. In the next scene Simi calls Pihu and asks her to delete the group and focus on her studies and physical activities. Pihu agrees to her and apologizes.

Raman asks Mr. Singhal about the well-wisher, when Ishita comes and tell them that she is the one. Mr. Singhal tells them to talk and sort out as their issues are affecting their business and also he is doing this because Ruhi wanted this.

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