Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2017 full episode written update: Ishita challenges Adi and Ruhi to perform in similar adverse situations

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2017 full episode written update: Aaliya plans to move with Adi for some days, as she wants to help him in settling down.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: April 4, 2017 9:52 pm
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Raman and Ishita meet the counsellor to get some advise in Adi and Ruhi’s case. The counsellor suggests such weird solutions to Ishita that she becomes more sensitive about her kids. She starts yelling at him and advises him to stop his practice. Seeing Ishita so tensed, Raman finally suggests of solving the problem on their own. He says they are better ones to make their kids understand the value and respect of relationships. Ishita agrees.

In the next scene, Ishita is packing the household items and grocery for Adi. Raman gives food items to her which he bought for Adi. Ruhi comes and starts complaining to Raman that she doesn’t want her manager to be shifted to Hisar with Adi. Raman says that the manager Mr. Gupta is an experienced person and he will help Adi there. Ruhi again gets the chance to taunt Adi. She says that Adi will not be able to do anything so why unnecessary send a good manager there. She further says she needs Mr. Gupta more as he takes care of her work very nicely. Ishita interferes and says that Ruhi is right. Adi should not get any such help, it is his challenge and he has to meet it on his own. Also, she asks Raman to give one month’s leave to Mr. Gupta. She says as Adi is not allowed to take professional help then Ruhi should also not be eligible for it. They both should get equal opportunities and challenges. Ruhi has started this challenge game, now she has to follow the rules like a professional. Ruhi doesn’t like it but accepts the challenge with arrogance.

Ishita appreciates her and says there is one more thing which Ruhi has to accept to make the challenge equal. She asks Ruhi to do all her household work herself, she will not get any help from servants. Ruhi gets worried. Ishita says that for her, both Adi and Ruhi are equal so they will get the same treatment and same working conditions. Now, if Adi will take care of all the work himself then Ruhi has to prove her in the same working conditions. Raman and Adi smile. Ruhi accepts even that and leaves. Raman compliments Ishita and asks her to spend sometime together away from home to get relief from all this.

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Bala has appointed a new teacher in his coaching institute. She tries to be very friendly with him. When Bala hesitates, she holds his hand and says that she wants to be his companion in future. Before, Bala understands anything, Shravan comes to his cabin and sees his father holding hands of an unknown lady. He misunderstands it and immediately leaves the place. Bala gets upset and asks the lady why she is behaving like this, as because of her Shravan will now doubt his father. She says that Bala needs to move on in life as she knows that he lost his wife. She also tells him that someone has sent her to Bala. Bala wants to know who sent her, but she doesn’t answer and leaves.

Aaliya gets worried for Adi, she suggests that he gets a helper. Adi says that Ishimaa has challenged him to do all the work and also win Ruhi’s challenge, so he cannot appoint any helper, nor he wants Aaliya’s help there. Aaliya insists that she wants to help Adi in settling down there, she plans to go with him without telling Mani about it.

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