Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 full episode written update: Pihu tells Raman that she will not come back to him.

Ishita tries to stop Raman from consuming alcohol.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 4, 2016 1:06 am
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Ishita asks her mom if Raman’s behaviour was reasonable, but her mom tells her that she should not argue with him as of now. Ishita agrees to her and says that she is observing that everyone in the family is scattered. Next we see Raman completely drunk and still having alcohol when Ruhi shows him that she is not liking it. But Raman says that this is not the first time she is witnessing this. Ishita and her mom come there when Santoshi tells her that he has been drinking since he came home. Simi tries to stop Raman but he says that he will keep on drinking and dares anyone to stop him. Raman calls Mani and threatens him that he is not afraid of him and he might kill him if he does it again. Mani says “You can’t do anything to me as you know your daughter is with me” and he disconnects the call. Shagun overhears this. Aalia reaches home when Aadi follows her and tells her that he was worried for her and making sure that she reaches home safely. Aalia says you are completely mad when Aadi says “Yes, for you.”

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Shagun makes Pihu call Raman from Mani’s phone. Raman picks the call and starts threatening Mani again and says that he can’t use Pihu against him, when Shagun asks Pihu why isn’t she saying anything and Raman gets to know that Pihu is on the phone. Pihu says to Raman that he doesn’t care for her and she won’t come back to him. Raman feels frustrated and goes to his room, when Neelu comes and asks him to see what is happening in the living room. Raman goes downstairs and sees that Ishita, Simi, Santoshi, and Mrs. Iyyer were having a glass of alcohol in their hands and a bottle of alcohol on the table. Raman asks what is happening and Ishita tells him that they all are frustrated and that is why they are consuming alcohol. Raman picks up the bottle and drinks it all and smashes it on the floor and leaves the living room.

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Ishita says that this plan didn’t work and then makes a plan for bringing Pihu back. In the next scene Raman is seen missing Pihu and crying his heart out. Ishita comes there and asks Raman to leave his anger as they will bring Pihu back, but Raman doesn’t say anything. Ishita asks Raman to say something but finds out that he is already asleep.

Ishita recalls how Raman told her that Pihu was the only one with him when she was away for 7 years and cries that she can’t see him like this.

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