Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 December 2016 full episode written update: Ruhi tells Ishita about blackmailer

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman is disturbed after knowing about Ruhi’s dirty MMS. He plans to go to the police for help.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: December 24, 2016 9:23 pm
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Raman comes to Ruhi and apologises for his past behaviour. He says he will not interfere in her matters. He says that from now onwards, Ishita will have the charge to handle everything. He says Ruhi is free to share her personal matters with Ishita,Raman will not get angry. Ruhi decides to take Ishita in confidence. She shows MMS to Ishita. Ishita gets shocked. Ruhi cries and says she doesn’t know who made the MMS. She says she has checked all her friend’s numbers, but she has no clue who has done it. At the same time, she gets an SMS from the blackmailer. Ruhi tells Ishita that he is asking her to meet all alone else he will make the video viral.

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Mihika is in Raman’s office to meet Romi and finds Aaliya in the office who is waiting for Adi. Aaliya says that she has a date with Adi. Mihika tells her that Adi will get very late or he will cancel the date. Aaliya bets with Mihika and says Adi will come. Adi comes on time and surprises both Mihika and Aaliya. Mihika still says that all the males of this family are same and they are not sensitive enough to their partner’s feelings.

Simmi, Madhavi and Toshi go to the diamond dealer’s office to confront the owner. Simmi gets surprised to see Gaurav as the owner. Simmi asks Toshi to stop shouting at him. Gaurav clears his position and tells them that the jeweller has goofed up, he shows the certificate to Simmi and says that he has delivered real diamonds to the jeweler. He also extends help to accompany them to the jeweller’s shop. Toshi and Madhavi ask him to come with them.

Ishita tells Raman about the MMS. Raman gets tensed and starts crying. He immediately blames Sohail for it. He gets up to go to Sohail’s house to fight. Ishita stops him and tells that Sohail is the one who advised Ruhi to discuss with the parents first. Raman feels worse when he hears that Ruhi chose Sohail first to discuss this matter. Ishita says this is what she was worried about, their daughter is so scared of her parents that she has preferred someone else before her parents. She tells Raman to support his daughter at such difficult times without getting judgmental and without losing temper. Raman says that Ruhi must be traumatized, he says that he will solve the problem.

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Sohail finds someone got hit by the scooter when he is driving to Ruhi’s house. He gets down and finds Mr. Bhalla there. He takes him to his home. Raman again starts shouting at Sohail when he sees his father injured. Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that he met with an accident and Sohail helped him. He asks Raman to stop blaming Sohail for everything. He says that Sohail is a nice person. Sohail leaves.

Adi and Aaliya are on a lunch date. As usual, Aaliya finds Adi busy on his phone and not listening to her properly. She still ignores and tries to spend the time nicely with him. Adi makes an excuse of the washroom and goes to watch a cricket match on the restaurant’s television secretly. Aaliya gets frustrated and demands an explanation, Adi is clueless and tells Aaliya to calm down. Aaliya says all the Bhalla family men are same and leaves.

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Ruhi again receives an SMS, this time blackmailer demands something which makes Ruhi shiver. Ishita and Raman take her to the room. Raman consoles her and says that he knows everything. He tells her not to worry, he is with her.

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