Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th September 2016 full episode written update: Mani teams up with Mr. Singhal against Raman and Ishita

Aadi takes psychiatrist's help to recall the chemical attacks incident.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: September 20, 2016 10:07 pm
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In the first scene Pihu is talking to Santoshi on phone while watching her favorite daily soap when Shagun pulls the wire and disconnects the phone. Shagun says to Pihu that people change and now onwards I’ll watch your favorite daily soap with you. Ishita wakes Raman up and Raman goes reaches to Pihu’s room to wake her up for school when reality hits him. Aadi is watching this and feels guilty that this is because of him that Mani supported Shagun instead of Ishita. Aadi decides to bring Pihu back and calls Alia for help. Mani sees Alia talking to Aadi and asks her why is she talking to him, Alia says that she will do what she feels is right. Alia says to Mani that he knows how good Ishita is as a mother but still he supported Shagun.

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In the next scene Alia, Aadi and Ruhi go to a psychiatrist for hypnotherapy. During that therapy, Aadi sees someone throwing chemical at Alia but couldn’t recognize his face. Alia tells the doctor that this proves that Aadi is the witness and not the culprit. Doctor asks Aadi to come for the next session. Aadi realizes that this all happened because he was drunk. Aadi and Alia decide to go to the office.

Ishita calls Mihir and tells him that she and Raman are coming to office Raman interrupts her and says that we are not going to office but to Pihu’s school. He says that he has been calling Mani’s house since morning but they are giving excuses and not letting him talk to Pihu. 

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Next we see Alia, Aadi and Ruhi in office when Alia tells Aadi that she is feeling nervous to face Mihir. Aadi consoles her. Aadi goes to Mihir and hugs him. Mihir says to Alia that its good to see her in office after that chemical tragedy. They all walk towards Mihir’s cabin when Mr. Singhal comes and introduces his new partner to them which is Mani. Everyone is shocked to see Mani with Mr. Singhal. 

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