Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2016 full episode written update: Pihu refuses to call Mani her father

Mani blames Ishita of brainwashing Alia which is why she is not complaining against Aadi.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published:September 19, 2016 9:35 pm
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The episode starts with Ishita questioning Mani about supporting Shagun. Mani tells her that he never thought she would not support Alia when Aadi was accused. Mani blames Ishita that she brainwashed Alia and this is why she is not complaining against Aadi. Shagun comes out from the court room with Pihu and Ruhi tries to convince Pihu that Ishita is her mom. Mr. Bhalla tells Toshi that Ishita is a lioness and now Ruhi is with her so they will get Pihu one day. Ruhi goes to Shagun and pleads her to let Pihu go to Bhalla house once but Shagun denies. Ruhi then pleads to Mani who agrees to take Pihu to Bhalla house.

Everyone goes to Bhalla house when Neelu requests Ishita to make things like they were before but Ishita stands there, helpless. While Pihu and Aadi are packing for her, Raman goes to Pihu and tells her while giving her a diary that he has mentioned all his schedule and diet in it. Raman tells her that he loves her and Pihu says that she loves Raman too but she loves Shagun as well. Pihu asks Raman to let Ishita go. Shagun then says that we all know that Raman can ask Pihu to leave the house but not Ishita. Shagun takes Pihu with her when Alia comes there and Raman shouts at her that this is all because of her and her father. Aadi interrupts and says Alia is here to meet him and this is not her fault. Ishita and Aadi apologize to Alia on Raman’s behalf and ask her to leave. Shagun shows Pihu her room and tells her that they’ll shop together for her room. Shagun says to Pihu that she should thank Mani and start calling him Papa but Pihu says that she would surely say thank you to him but she will never call him Papa. Mani comes there and says Pihu is right, Raman is her dad and even Alia doesn’t call her mom so we should just live happily together.

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In the next scene Ishita finds Raman crying on his bed holding Pihu’s picture, he says that he sees Pihu in everything in the house and now Pihu will no more come home from school and hug him. He apologizes to Ishita and says that he wanted to give her their own child but due to his carelessness they lost Pihu. Ishita consoles him and says that everything happens for a reason.

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Raman then promises her that he’ll bring back Pihu. Aadi comes there with Pihu’s teddy and all three of them have tears in their eyes. Ishita says that she never got a chance to love Pihu and just once she had her in her arms when she was an infant. Aadi consoles her that they’ll get Pihu back.