Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June full episode written update: Raman gifts a necklace to Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June full episode written update: Raman gets the contract and to appreciate Ishita's efforts, he orders a necklace to be delivered to her. However, Ishita thinks that Aadi sent something to Aaliya as she is the new Mrs Bhalla.

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: June 16, 2017 8:40:43 pm
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Ruhi comes back from her trip and Ishita and Mihika are all excited. Ruhi gives a saree to Mihika as a gift and Ishita asks her to rest before gifts disbursement. Ruhi asks her to prepare ‘rajma chawal’ while Santoshi comes and hugs her. She asks Ruhi which hair colour she uses and which would suit her generation. Ruhi says natural will be the best. Santoshi decides to give the same advice to Madhu.

There Raman gets the contract and thinks Ishita is so right in all these matters. He decides to gift her something and calls a jeweller to order a necklace for her. Aadi, on the other hand, gets a call from Taneja who asks him to prepone the launch to the same week as Raman is launching. Aadi tries to resist but he agrees eventually. There at home, the delivery guy comes to deliver the necklace and Ishita receives it and reads “Mrs Bhalla” on it. Ishita calls Aaliya and gives it to her saying that it must be for her as she is the new “Mrs Bhalla”. Raman comes back home and sees her giving the necklace. Aaliya says who would have sent a gift for her and Ishita says, of course, it is Aadi. Ishita asks for Raman’s suggestions as to how it suits Aaliya. Raman tries to explain the situation to her but she keeps praising the necklace and says Aadi is so sweet while her husband never does something like this. Aaliya says she should send a selfie to Aadi wearing the necklace. Ishita says it’s a good idea.

Aaliya tells Ishita that this necklace is too big and Aadi knows she doesn’t wear such designs. Ishita says men are like this only and they don’t have good taste in ladies item. Raman says why she is forcing her to keep it, it must not be for her. But Ishita doesn’t agree. There at office, Mr Taneja gives contract papers to Aadi and asks him to launch the product in the coming week. Aadi thinks to himself that Ishita shall first do Pooja when he gets Aaliya’s pictures and calls her to ask why she is sending these pictures and also praises her. Aaliya asks him how she looks with the necklace on, and Aadi says it’s good but he thought she liked light jewellery. Aaliya asks if he hasn’t sent the necklace and Aadi cuts the call as he gets some other call.

Aaliya gets that the necklace must not be for her. There Raman asks Ishita why she gave the necklace to Aaliya when she knew that it was for her. Ishita says she didn’t get it earlier but when she saw the necklace she understood that it was him, but she had already given it to Aaliya by then. Raman says this is what makes him like her even more and he hugs her. Aaliya who was standing at the door of their room overhears their conversation. Aaliya comes in and says she knows that the necklace is for her. Ishita says it’s her gift but Aaliya asks Raman to make her wear the necklace.

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