Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th June full episode written update: Aaliya is mad at Shagun

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th June full episode written update: While Raman pampers Ishita, Shagun bails Srishty out of the jail to avoid any confusion in Mani's business relations with the girl's father. Aaliya is mad at Shagun for not thinking about Aadi and the family.

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: June 15, 2017 8:24:58 pm
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Santoshi and Madhu plan to make peace between Mr Bhalla and Mr Iyer and decide to meet at 5. Aaliya and Shagun are talking on phone when Shagun asks her to maintain her identity and not lose herself for her husband and his family. Shagun narrates an incident from her days in the Bhalla house. Aaliya says she is good in this house and also tells her that Raman came to say sorry to her. Shagun asks her if Srishty got the bail but Aaliya tells her that her father is a rich man and he isn’t getting her bailed deliberately.

Santoshi and Mr Bhalla come to the corridor for a movie when Madhu and Mr Iyer also come out. Santoshi and Madhu pretend as if they had no idea. Mr Iyer says he wants to watch Baahubali 2 but Mr Bhalla says he wants to go for Wonder Woman. They both argue and leave by saying that they don’t want to go. Santoshi and Madhu feel defeated and decide to make some other plan. Raman gives Ishita a glass of juice and Ishita is impressed by this. She says he should not spoil her and Raman says he’ll do that life long.

Aadi comes from office and Aaliya comes out of shower. They both share a romantic moment. Neelu calls Aaliya for preparation of dinner and as Aaliya steps out of the room Aadi hugs her from behind. Santoshi and Madhu see this and Aadi and Aaliya feel embarrassed. Santoshi suggests to seduce their husbands to cut off the clashes between their husbands. At breakfast table, Raman gets a call and his temper rises. He tells everyone that Shagun has bailed Srishty out and everyone start demeaning Shagun for still playing games while they are trying to move on. Aaliya says they should first confirm about why Shagun did this but Aadi says to Aaliya that this time it’s about his family and Shagun is wrong.

There Mr. Bhalla gives some packet to his agent and Mr Iyer sees that. He thinks he is trying to bribe secretary for that tender. In the next scene we see Aaliya goes to Shagun’s house and asks her why she bailed Srishty out of the jail. Shagun says because she is Aaliya’s friend. Aaliya stops her and says she is not her friend. Shagun says she had a reason for what she did it because Srishty’s father is Mani’s business associate and it would’ve affected their relations when he’ll get to know that Srishty is in jail because of her. Aaliya yells at her that she is in jail because of herself and says she should’ve thought about Aaliya’s family before doing such things. Shagun says that the Bhalla family is not her family but Mani and Shagun are. Aaliya stands up and says that she shouldn’t teach her bad things if she can’t teach her good things. Shagun says ‘in laws’ remain ‘in laws’ but Aaliya interrupts her and leave.

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