Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2016 full episode written update: Aliya becomes a victim of acid attack

Ishita teaches a lesson to the investor and factory workers resume their work.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published:September 13, 2016 9:07 pm
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The episode starts where Raman is seen taunting Aadi to which Aadi replies that he doesn’t want to listen to any lecture. Raman tells him to stop misbehaving. But, Aadi says that he is just following his father’s footsteps as he reminds Raman that when Ishita left him, he also drowned himself in consuming alcohol and he is doing the same, so he wasn’t wrong Raman yells at him and offers him a bottle of alcohol and further asks to prove his love for Aliya. Aadi replies that these tantrums will have no effect on him and tells Raman that Aliya will have to pay a heavy price for whatever she has done to him.
In the next scene, Aliya is seen texting Aadi about an apology. She texts him a sorry message. She asks Aadi to meet her in the morning. Aadi agrees to it. In the office, Romi enters and suggests of filing a case to which Ishita replies that she doesn’t want to file a case and will handle this case in her own way. She asks Mihir to fix a meeting with the union leader.Aadi is driving and thinking about why

Aadi is driving and thinking about why Aliya has called to meet him. Aadi meets a friend on his way, who asks for help and asks him whether he could sit in his car. His friend starts complaining and cribbing about his girlfriend, listening to which Aadi gets more frustrated. Aadi asks his friend to get down off his car. Aadi thinks to teach Aliya a lesson. He drinks alcohol.

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In the next scene, Ishita is seen offering her jewelry to the investor. She asks for help and convinces him to accept the money and to get the work started. He agrees and leaves. Everyone catches him red-handed. Raman, Mihir and Romi are glad that their plan worked. Ishita scolds all the workers for believing this man who accepts money so easily. Workers agree and resume their work.

Aliya is waiting for Aadi in the garden as she talks to herself and hopes that Aadi forgives him. Someone from behind calls Aliya and throws acid on her. Aliya is rushed to the hospital, where the nurse sees a threatening message on her mobile sent by Aadi.

In the last scene, everyone praises Ishita for her win. Police enter in their room and ask for Aditya Bhalla. Everyone asks police about the matter. They tell them that Aditya Bhalla has attacked a girl by throwing an acid on her. Everyone gets shocked and asks the girl’s name. Police answer by taking Aliya’s name.