Why Kapil Sharma assaulted Sunil Grover: Here’s a break-up of what went wrong between the comic duo

What led to the fight between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma? Here, we bring you how the spat happened step-by-step.

Written by Kriti Sonali | New Delhi | Published: March 20, 2017 6:36 pm
Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover Kapil Sharma fights, Sunil Grover Kapil Sharma news, sunil to quit The Kapil Sharma Show, kapil sunil old fights, Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover whole fight story Sunil Grover is yet to comment on his fight with Kapil Sharma even as Kapil came out with a clarification on Facebook.

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma are making headlines all over again. After the two had an altercation mid-air in which Kapil is reported to have physically and verbally attacked Sunil, the host of The Kapil Sharma Show came out with a clarification on Facebook, “I meet my brother once in a year.. n spending almost everyday with my team.. specially sunil .. I love him.. I respect him.. yes I had a argue with him.but r we not normal people..?I shouted at him first time in 5 years .. itna to chalta hai bhai.” The telling thing is that Sunil is yet to say anything beyond ‘no comments’ about the whole episode even as buzz grows louder that he is he planning to quit The Kapil Sharma Show?

In the show, Sunil plays several characters including Dr Mashoor Gulati, Rinku Devi, Suryaprakash, and a few others. If he leaves, it will affect the show and both Kapil and Sunil’s fans. Sources say he will hold a discussion with the producers before taking the step. But, exactly what transpired between Kapil and Sunil during a flight from Melbourne?


What actually happened between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover.

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A source is said to have told media, “Sunil is numbed by the way Kapil assaulted him during a flight from Melbourne, where they did a stage show. He was merely trying to calm down Kapil, who was drunk and hurling abuses at another team member, Chandan (Prabhakar).”

Kapil allegedly also took a swipe at a comedy show, Mad in India, that Sunil had launched after parting ways with him after their first fall-out in 2014. “A female passenger asked Kapil to keep quiet, so Sunil told him, ‘Paaji tussi gaali mat do’. But, this angered Kapil further and he started abusing him. Sunil also lost his temper but was stopped by the other members of the team. He then walked to the economy class but Kapil followed him and hit him,” the same report said.

Sources also added that Kapil even hurled abuses at colleagues Ali Asgar aka Naani and Kiku Sharda aka Bumper Lottery, calling them “per day artistes” or daily wage earners, according to Spotboye. He even threatened to end their acts on his show.

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Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s fight on Twitter too?
Well post all this, while Sunil has just not said anything, he unfollowed Kapil on Twitter. Kapil still follows him.

Sunil Grover to quit The Kapil Sharma Show?

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Sunil Grover is unlikely to return to The Kapil Sharma Show, according to sources. Sources close to The Kapil Sharma Show informed TOI that Sunil is very hurt with Kapil’s disrespectful behaviour and is in no mood to return to the show.

Kapil Sharma’s fight with other show casts as Chandan Prabhakar, Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda.

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Not only Sunil but other casts of the show, who were all there in the flight, had to face drunk Kapil Sharma’s temper too. Intially, Chandan Prabhakar, the actor who plays chaiwallah on The Kapil Sharma Show, got into an argument of sorts with Kapil backstage in Sydney, which was their first halt on the Australian tour.

Chandan did not like the way Kapil spoke to him and retaliated by saying, “Tu hoga Kapil Sharma, but you can’t speak to me like this.” Kapil shot back, “Thappad marunga tujhe”! And due to this Kapil and Chandan did not perform together at their next stop, Melbourne, according to Spotboye report.

A few hours later, Chandan checked out of the hotel where the show’s team was staying, as Kapil was abusing him. Their face-off just started again when Chandan joined the team at the airport. In the flight when Kapil got drunk, Sunil asked him to watch his language. At this, Kapil’s response is said to be, “Teri aukaat kya hai jo tu mujhko aisa bole?”

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover old fights:

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Though Kapil claims that he ‘shouted at him first time in 5 years’, this was not the first time the duo have fought. Back in 2014, when the ace comedian Sunil was winning millions of hearts with his stint on Comedy Nights With Kapil as Gutthi, his ouster from the show left fans shocked. While neither Kapil nor Sunil revealed the reason of his leaving, it was said to be a fall-out between the two.

Then there were reports that the 29-year-old comedian opted out of the hit show because his contract was getting over and the show’s producer and host Kapil was not ready to give him the desired hike.

Talking about the reports of him having an ego clash with Sunil, Kapil said in an earlier interview to ToI, “All I can say is, he (Sunil) should have never left our show…We were all part of the success of our show… Sunil has been around trying to find his bearings in the entertainment industry. He’s my senior. I’ve the highest regard for his talents. And I am not the kind to feel threatened or competitive about anyone.In fact, I go out of my way to ensure every member of my team has a chance to take centrestage, so I can relax. Sunil must have been provoked into leaving by people around him.”

But post leaving the show, things were not rosy for Sunil either. Soon both realised that they cannot survive without each other, and then Sunil returned to Kapil’s show, as Kapil’s father-in-law. He was welcomed by his fans and the cast alike.

Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover Kapil Sharma fights, Sunil Grover Kapil Sharma news, sunil to quit The Kapil Sharma Show, kapil sunil old fights, Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover whole fight story

There were also reports that Kapil had cancelled the promotions of Sunil’s film Coffee With D on The Kapil Sharma Show and it again brought the rumours of their rivalry. Despite their relation having gone through all this, Sunil and Kapil have always maintained that they were and will always be great friends.

For now, as fans of The Kapil Sharma Show, we just hope they mend the breach and give us our weekly laughs.

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      Freezer Burn
      Mar 20, 2017 at 8:40 pm
      The funny thing is Kapil isn't even a good comedian. Sunil and Chandan have more charisma than him and make up majority of his show. Sunil and Chandan should leave the show just to show this arrogant prick that he is nothing without them.
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        Mar 20, 2017 at 4:55 pm
        Whatever controversy was their between both the superstars,we are not aware of that but accordingly the sources are reporting about this,they both have fought to eachother so many manny times,just b'cas of their ego and the fam..well we don't know the w incident so,as a big fan of both's amazing talent,just hope they will continue together and make us laugh every weekend and hope they'll left their egos aside..kapil should not forget that his co-artists are the heart and soul of it's show and wish he won't drunk again or miss-behave to anyone,he is verry humble towards people and celebs..so he should also respect his artists and we also love his show,him and his talented co-artists..and wish a verryyy happy life ahead kapil..as he is engaged to his beautiful college love Ginni...all great wishes from fan's for kapil sunil grover and all his team..
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          without sunil grover The Kapil sharma Show is not famous
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            Mar 20, 2017 at 3:48 pm
            Success seems to have gone into Kapil's head. This is what happens to people who rise from very humble origins and it also indicates the start of their downfall. Kapil's needs to learn a thing or two fro AB.
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