Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2016 full episode written update: Parag Modi comes back, as planned by Krishna

Krishna plans something with the proof given by the detective. He brings Parag Modi back by tricking him to tell that Kokila is on her death bed.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: October 7, 2016 8:45:25 pm
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Jaggi tells Urvashi that he feels a sense of belongingness towards Modi Bhawan, and she doubts what will happen when he gets to know the truth. Urmila tells Vidya about whatever happened in the temple. She thinks about Gopi’s sufferings and feels depressed. She goes to tell it all to Meera.

Kokila and Urmila go to talk to Gopi and try to make her talk to Jaggi. Urmila says that she cares for him but Gopi says that she cares for him as their guest and nothing more. Urmila tells Kokila about what Gopi did last night and says that she obviously cares for him a lot. Vidya goes to Meera and is unable to find her. She opens the storeroom and is shocked to find her. Meera shushes her and Vidya asks why she’s hiding. She tells her that she was hiding from Dharam Ji. Vidya asks and Meera says that she slapped him and is fearing him. Vidya says that he won’t slap her and Meera says that she saw his face. Dharam calls for Meera to come out soon. Meera asks Vidya to save her. She gives her a plan to use in front of him. Meera is scared but still does as directed by Vidya. She hoped that this will unite them again. She teams up with Dharam to find Meera.

The detective gives some proof to Krishna and Premila so that they can prove that Jaggi isn’t Ahem. Mansi comes and tells them that this trick won’t work ever but Krishna tells them about his new plan which is enough to put Modi family in a big problem.

Jaggi is getting constant dreams about Gopi and wonders what’s wrong. He then remembers about how Gopi was worried about him. Gopi is also thinking about Jaggi and all that he’s done for her. She thinks that Jaggi has done a lot for them.

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Krishna is dressed as a driver and takes a strange man into his cab to a destination. Vidya sends off Priyal with Shravan and Naiya comes to her asking about Meera and Ritesh who aren’t at home. Vidya tells her that she has no information about what’s going on in the house and tells her to turn around and see that Ritesh is there. She sees him walking around with Prakash.

Kokila asks about Urmila and Gopi tells her that she’s out with Jaggi and Urvashi. Parag Modi comes in and tells Kokila that he got a call about her critical stage and that she’s only got a few days more. He comes hurriedly and Urvashi enters and drops her thali. Jaggi walks in too and Parag asks about Jaggi. Kokila tells him about his real name and he’s shocked. Urvashi tells Jaggi that he is Kokila’s husband. Kokila tells him to take rest in the room and she’ll bring tea for him.

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