Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th September 2016 full episode written update: Jaggi and Ahem’s fingerprints match and Mansi gets furious

Mansi is furious after her plan failed and she blackmails Jigar that she'll ruin him.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published:September 6, 2016 8:42 pm
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Jaggi goes in the kitchen and serves food for himself while Gopi is cooking. He talks exactly like Ahem when he tells her to make kheer for him and she’s reminded of Ahem. Dharam is waiting for Meera when Naiya comes to her room with a jug of water. He asks for Meera and she tells him that Meera is sitting with officer Ritesh and will take time to come back. Urmila and Gopi come to Jaggi with a photo album so that he can identify and recognise their family and friends. He is busy playing cards and tells them that he’ll do it later. They rebuke him a little but then keep the album and go back.

Jigar brings Ahem’s fingerprints for Mansi and asks her to return his papers. She tells him to wait till the time its proven that Ahem is not alive. Jigar is furious but Mansi tells him that he won’t be able to do anything. Dharam is arranging everything when Meera tells him that she’s ordered extra boxes of sweets. Ritesh comes in with some boxes and Meera goes to help when they get imbalanced and hold each other. Dharam sees this and gets angry but takes his anger out on the servants.

Kokila and Urmila talk about how Jaggi will take time to turn into Ahem. Mansi enters and calls out for the impersonator when Jaggi comes down and gets into an argument with her. She then says that she’s here to prove that this man is not Ahem. Gopi interrupts but Mansi tells her that she has Ahem’s fingertips and she’ll test them with this man and till then, nobody will interfere.

Mansi tells them that she has brought a specialist with her who will approve if he’s actually Ahem. Jaggi agrees to it and gets ready to take the test. The specialist takes Jaggi’s fingerprints and tests them in a machine with Ahem’s fingerprints. Jaggi asks Urmila that they will match when she tells him that everybody in this world has different fingerprints. Jaggi is shocked and scared equally. The specialist finishes his test and Mansi tells them that it did not match and rejoices by saying that he isn’t Ahem. She is announcing that just when the specialist says that the fingerprints have matched perfectly. She tells him to cross-check but the police officers shut her up. Gopi goes to Mansi and makes her leave the house quickly by insulting her. Gopi tells Jaggi to sensibly inform the next time something like this happens. Jaggi is taken by the kid to wash off his ink. Kokila is shocked to see that their fingerprints matched and shares it with Gopi. Jaggi is equally amused to find out about the prints.

Mansi shouts on Jigar saying that her plan has flopped now and she will ruin him. Jigar convinces her that he’ll think of something else and cuts the phone. He senses that somebody’s there and Gopi comes in front of him.