Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2016 full episode written update: Jaggi finds out about his father and shuns him

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2016 full episode written update: Jaggi hears the truth that Parag Modi is his father and leaves Modi house. He refuses to accept Parag.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: October 9, 2016 8:15:50 pm
Jaggi finds out about his father and shuns him Jaggi finds out about his father and shuns him

Sona scolds Veeru for getting his clothes dirty and sends him to study and do Jai’s homework too. Gopi also tells Veeru to listen to Sona. Jaggi thinks she’s talking to him and gets angry. She says that she actually wants to apologise but he says that she could’ve said it straight. Dharam calls Meera to check where she is and she appears at their door. He angrily approaches her but she holds his face and kisses her on the cheeks. She says sorry and runs back outside.
Parag tells Kokila that he wants to talk to her but she says that he will have to talk to her along with Urvashi, as they all are connected.

Meera tells Vidya that Dharam was quite angry and she had nothing else to do, except using her idea to kiss him. Vidya is quite positive about him and thinks that it will all be okay. Vidya tells her about what happened in the temple with Gopi and they decide to call her. Urmila calls them and tells them about what happened in morning. Parag promises Urvashi to talk to Jaggi but she tells him that Jaggi hates him. Kokila said she thought that Urvashi did not have a role in his life. She knew about her but knew nothing about Jaggi.

Parag Modi says that if he knew that she had his baby, then he wouldn’t have married her too. He couldn’t even call her and betray Kokila. Kokila says that it’s no less than a miracle that his son is here to save his family and now Jaggi shouldn’t be treated wrongly. They should tell him the he is Parag Modi’s son. Jaggi hears this and drops the glass and goes away. All of them try to stop him but he leaves. Kokila thinks that this shouldn’t have happened this way. Urmila says she knows where he’ll go.

Premila is worrying about Krishna and he comes back with Mansi. Premila tells him to rest and Mansi says that she’ll kill Jaggi now. He tells her to stay away and asks Premila to give her the medicines. She denies taking anything and Krishna tells Premila to lock her up. They do that and both of them worry about what happens to her from time to time. Jaggi locks himself in his own house. All of them call him to come out but to no avail. Kokila tells Parag to talk to him, finally. He goes and calls him, Jaggi comes out and pushes him away in anger. Jaggi tells him to keep away as he’s come back from his house and this is house now.

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Parag says that he knows he’s angry but he should listen to him first. Urvashi stops him but he says Jaggi only respects the people he likes and tells his friends that Parag Modi is his father. He talks about her mother and how she had to do everything for him in his absence. He should’ve been there for them and now he’s back to claim his place.

Parag approaches him with love and Jaggi takes a pole in his hands. Gopi stops him and says that he shouldn’t raise his hands on an old man and that too, his father. She tries to make him understand but he yells that she knows nothing about what he has gone through. She tells him that he is Parag Modi’s son and nothing can change that. He goes inside and Urvashi is distressed. Gopi and Kokila tell her to have courage.

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