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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st October 2016 full episode written update: Kokila pledges she will stop Jaggi from getting close to Gopi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st October 2016 full episode written update: Kokila warns Jaggi to stay away from Gopi. Jaggi says he will marry Gopi. Kokila vows she will not let this happen against Gopi’s will.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: October 21, 2016 9:41 pm
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Urmila asks Jaggi to see the moon and break his fast. Jaggi performs the ceremony on the terrace, secretly.  Meera and Vidya have kept Karva Chauth fast and they are performing the ceremony with their respective husbands. Ritesh appears there and Dharam again gets angry, seeing that Meera says she doesn’t know why he came. Dharam says he doesn’t believe her. She doesn’t like it and she gets furious. She tells Dharam that she wants a separation and she can’t take it anymore as Dharam doesn’t have faith on Meera and she thinks it is better to part ways. Naiya is also there, she gets happy, her motive is fulfilled. She shows her happiness to Vidya and warns her, there is more to come.

Meera’s anger is out of control. She packs her bag to leave the house. Vidya makes her understand that this is not the right time as Naiya’s wedding is here and their mother Gopi is also unwell. Everyone will be disturbed if she will take this step. Meera says she will wait till Naiya’s marriage.

Jaggi goes to Gopi’s room and acts as if he is feeling weak and topples down. Urmila comes and asks Gopi to feed him water. Gopi gives water to Jaggi. They tricked Gopi and manage to complete Jaggi’s fast successfully. They both are very happy and they celebrate. Kokila overhears it and asks Urmila not to raise Jaggi’s hopes about Gopi. Urmila tells Kokila about Jaggi’s love for Gopi. Kokila says, she is also concerned about Gopi’s good and she had also tried to settle down Gopi by fixing her and Dr. Krishna’s marriage, but this move has harmed Gopi. She says, she doesn’t want history to repeat itself. Urmila says Jaggi is the right choice for Gopi and she will help Jaggi win his love. Kokila says if Gopi doesn’t agree, she will not let this happen.

Jaggi tells Urvashi that why she has kept fast for Parag. Parag doesn’t deserve any kind of love or sympathy. But Urvashi has come to make Jaggi understand about Gopi. She says, don’t indulge yourself in all this. Urmila gives food to Jaggi. Jaggi wants Gopi to taste the Halwa which Urmila has made for him. Kokila comes to his room and warns him to stay away from Gopi. She tells he can never take place of Ahem. Jaggi replies, let Gopi take the decision. Kokila says Gopi will never agree. Jaggi takes it as a challenge and promises Kokila that he will win Gopi’s heart. He ties a thread on his finger and tells he will only remove the thread when, Gopi will put the engagement ring on the same finger.

In the night, Naiya comes to Dharam’s room to steal the locker keys. Seeing Dharam in a deep sleep, she steals the cash from the locker. Vidya watches her stealing cash.

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