Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th September 2016 full episode written update: Urvashi overhears Premila’s plan and saves Jaggi from police

Urvashi hears everything that Premila has planned and goes to Modi Bhawan to save Jaggi from the police.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: September 20, 2016 9:19 pm
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Gopi is deep in thoughts about how Urvashi is in a lot of trouble because of her. Kokila and Urmila ask her what the matter was, and make her speak. Gopi tells them that she thinks whatever they’re doing with Jaggi is wrong, by keeping him away from Urvashi. Kokila asks what did he say and Gopi tells them whatever he said. Urmila says that he might not have said it seriously and even Kokila agrees. Jaggi comes and tells them that they cannot take him seriously. Mansi tells at Premila that they have to prove Jaggi wrong. Krishna tells them that Urvashi is Jaggi’s mother by the way he saw him entering in the CCTV camera. Premila stops them by saying that they don’t have any proof yet but she knows how to do that.

Next morning, the police officers come to take Ahem Modi with them. He asks what he’s done and Mansi and Krishna say that he is scared. Jaggi says that they should tell him what’s wrong. The officers tell him that he will have to come when Urvashi enters from behind. Mansi thinks that this makes her plan easier and Kokila prays that Urvashi doesn’t speak the truth. Urvashi goes to Gopi and thanks her for helping and paying for her treatment. Gopi tells her that she shouldn’t thank her. Urvashi gives them the prasad and leaves when Mansi and Krishna stop her. They ask Urvashi to tell them that he’s her son. The police officers also ask Urvashi as they were going to bring him to her anyway.

Urvashi tells them that who wouldn’t want a son like that but her son isn’t like Ahem Modi. She praises Ahem for visiting her and also tells them that there’s a huge difference between the two. She thanks them again and leaves. The officers tell Mansi that she cannot call them the next time without any proof. Gopi meets Urvashi and thanks her for coming and saving her. She asks her how she knew that Premila has planned all this. Urvashi tells her that Premila came to her house in disguise. Premila had entered Urvashi’s house with with motive to find out about Jaggi. Urvashi smartly hears Premila’s plan and decided to come to their house and save the issue. Gopi thanks her her again and she leaves.

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