Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th October 2016 full episode written update: Karva Chauth celebrations take place in Modi Bhavan

Kokila finds about Jaggi’s feelings for Gopi but she doesn’t want to accept Jaggi as Gopi’s husband.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: October 18, 2016 8:35:04 pm
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In the last episode, Jaggi had given a sindoor box to Gopi. Kokila takes Gopi to her room. Kokila takes sindoor box from Gopi and says just by applying sindoor on her forehead, man and woman do not become husband and wife. Gopi gets confused, as she has no idea what Kokila is trying to say.

Urvashi tells Jaggi they are at Modi Bhavan because of Parag and he should not show interest in other family members. Jaggi says he will never forgive Parag and he has not accepted him as his father. He just acted nice in front of Gopi so that she will take her medicine. Urvashi wants to know the reason behind living in this house if he has not accepted Parag. Jaggi says he loves Gopi and that is why he is staying here. Jaggi always wants to protect Gopi and feels responsible for Gopika.

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Meera catches Prakash entering Dhram’s house quietly. Meera and Vidya don’t allow him to meet Naiya. They laugh and tell him to come on the wedding day and don’t hang around Naiya’s room.

Urmila likes to discuss Jaggi and Gopi’s matter with Kokila. Urmila tries to convince Kokila about Jaggi. She wants Koki to accept Jaggi as Gopi’s husband. Kokila shows her unwillingness. Kokila doesn’t want to hurt Gopi again. Urvashi overhears it.

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Jaggi goes to Gopi’s room to check if she needs something. Urvashi also comes and ties a black thread on Gopi’s wrist to save her from all obstacles. Urvashi is worried about Jaggi’s emotional state. She doesn’t want Jaggi to get sentimental about Gopi as according to her Gopi still loves Ahem. Jaggi can never get Ahem’s position in Gopi’s heart.

Ladies of the house are planning to keep Karva Chauth fast for their respective husbands. Paridhi and Mona tell they want to celebrate Karva Chauth as ‘Punjabis’. They ask Urvashi to help them. Jaggi is taking care of Gopi. He even starts cleaning Gopi’s room.

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