Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2016 full episode written update: Urvashi gets hit by a car and is taken to the hospital where Krishna works

Urvashi gets hit by a car and is taken to the hospital. Gopi follows Jaggi and tells him to stay away from her to avoid Krishna and be cautious.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published:September 17, 2016 9:25 pm
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Jaggi calls Urvashi and she asks him why he didn’t call her back. He says that she knows nothing about what happened with him. She tells him that he cares the least for her. Jaggi convinces her that he’ll call her from time to time. He keeps the phone down and sees Gopi and Ahem’s picture. Urmila comes to him when he talks about how perfect they look. Gopi comes and snatches the phone from his hands by saying that she had given it to him to call his mother and he should not have looked at her personal stuff.

Mansi refuses to eat and Krishna tells her to grow up. He goes for his shift and Premila tells her that they’ll find a valid proof soon enough. Mansi says that Jaggi also has some weakness and she’ll find out soon.

Jaggi is talking to Urvashi and he says that she’s his strength and weakness equally. She tells him to stop and says that she’s going home to cook his favourite dish tonight. He says that he’s coming home very soon. She is walking on the road when a car looses its brakes and hits her hard. She faints and some other person picks up her phone and tells Jaggi that his mother has met with an accident. He leaves for the hospital to see her when Gopi picks up his phone and asks what happened. The stranger tells her everything and the name of the hospital. Urmila comes and asks Gopi what’s wrong. Gopi tells her about Jaggi’s mother and they find out that Krishna works in the hospital where she’s taken to. Gopi rushes to take care of the situation in the hospital.

Vidya goes to Shravan and gives him his favourite upma to eat. He praises her for being that caring. He asks why she’s worried and she tells him that he is concerned about Dharam and Meera. Shravan agrees that both of them are always fighting, to which Vidya says that Dharam ji is even more stubborn now. He tells her not to worry for he’ll talk to his father before dinner.

Jaggi goes and checks for his mother and the one who brought her in meets him. He tells him that she’s been taken to the operation theatre and will undergo surgery. Gopi comes and sees Krishna. Krishna is taken somewhere else by a doctor.

Jaggi thanks the man for bringing her in and goes to check for Urvashi. The nurse tells him that she’ll have to undergo surgery and he should submit one lakh rupees for the same. Jaggi is shocked and thinks how he’ll manage all the money. Gopi overhears all this and calls Urmila. She asks when she’ll come and tells her to bring her cheque book along.

Shravan goes to call Dharam for dinner and sits to talk to him. He says that he’s worried about him and Meera. Dharam tells him that he understands and will eat with Meera today.

Jaggi goes to the nurse and tells her that he’ll deposit the money very soon. The nurse tells him that the money has been deposited and Gopi did it.

Dharam goes to Meera with a plate and tells her to eat. She denies eating and she throws the plate. Meera throws some more things and says that she can break more things. Dharam goes out and Vidya comes in and asks what happened. She goes to call Shravan when she sees Naiya smiling outside the room by seeing Meera unhappy and doubts her.

Jaggi thanks Gopi for paying for his mother and she says that he’s doing so much for them that its not required for him to pay back. Gopi tells him that Krishna works in the same hospital and that he should stay away. Urmila also makes him understand but he denies going anywhere. The doctor comes out and tells him that his mother is okay but will gain consciousness only tomorrow. He then agrees to come and see her tomorrow. (Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2016 full episode written update: Kokila worries that nobody should come to know about Parag and Urvashi)