Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2016 full episode written update: Mansi plans to insult Gopi in her party with her friends

Mansi discusses her plan to insult Gopi with her friends and Jaggi hears everything.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published:September 14, 2016 8:43 pm
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Jaggi puts Urvashi on video call and asks how he’s looking and she says that he always looks handsome. She asks the same question and he replies in the same way, saying pretty as usual. He then asks how to make a concoction to treat fever and she gets anxious. She asks why he did not tell her that he’s unwell. He says that he is perfectly fine but Kokila Masi is having fever so he wants to prepare it for her. Urvashi tells him all about the herbs and procedure. Jaggi then gets confused with all the identical herbs and keeps forgetting but Gopi comes in and starts helping him.

Mansi has called some chefs for an order to prepare food for a party. She deliberately tells them all to prepare non-vegetarian dishes knowing that Kokila is particular about it. Kokila gets to hear it and says she won’t let that happen. Mansi tells them that they should remember that Modi Bhawan is equally her property now. Gopi comes to intervene and shuts Mansi up.

Officer Ritesh comes down and asks Shravan if he can help with the engagement of Naiya. Dharam sees this and gets furious but the engagement starts by that time, with Naiya and Prakash exchanging rings. Vidya tells Dharam to give shagun to Prakash at the end of the ceremony. Dharam sees the envelopes in Meera’s hands and angrily snatches them from her.

Vidya meets Urmila and says that she missed Gopi Maa and Kokila and it would’ve been nice if they attended the function.

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Gopi shouts at Mansi saying that no non-vegetarian dish will be prepared in Modi Bhawan but Mansi says that she won’t listen to what Gopi says. Gopi then tells her that this is a tradition and he’ll have to follow it too. She says that she’ll prepare all the vegetarian dishes. Mansi starts yelling but stops and agrees to it. Mansi’s friends come to Modi Bhawan and she discusses her plan to insult Gopi, with them.

Then, Jaggi walks in with dumbbells and seeing his muscular physique, all of Mansi’s friends gather around him. They start talking to Jaggi. Mansi starts her party and her friends join in.

Jaggi hears Mansi discussing her plan to insult Gopi. He decides to take revenge in her style now. Mansi sends all the chefs and waiters back and tells Gopi to serve food. Gopi says that all this is a good deed and she does it anyway. Mansi gives a hint to her friend and she drops her plate deliberately. Mansi asks Gopi to clean the floor thereof.