Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th September 2016 full episode written update: Mansi and Premila enter Modi Bhawan with a plan to move in

Mansi and Premila come in the Modi Bhawan and tell everyone that they'll move in as half of this house is their property.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Updated: September 12, 2016 8:47 pm
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The police tell Jaggi that Krishna is saying there were thieves inside. Jaggi tells them that she came with Urmila Mami, who was invited by Mansi over dinner. Premila says that they should arrest Urmila then. Urmila instead says she came as Mansi invited them over and if they would’ve come to steal something they could have easily stolen and gone out of the window. She says that Mansi knows Ahem and so they came over. Mansi still tells them to arrest her when Gopi says that they can’t arrest a lady after 6 PM. The police agree and asks Mansi if she really knows them to which Mansi agrees. The police officers go back as they can’t arrest them for Mansi knows them and they were only eating. Kokila is worrying about them all when Jaggi enters. Gopi scolds Urmila and Jaggi for doing this even when she said no. Jaggi says that she

Kokila is worrying about them when Jaggi enters. Gopi scolds Urmila and Jaggi for doing this even when she said no. Jaggi says that she shouldn’t worry since nothing has happened. Gopi still frowns and Urmila is sad that her plan failed. Mansi and Premila are resting with Krishna while talking about Modi family.

Mansi and Premila are resting with Krishna while talking about Modi family. Pari thinks of leaving when her saree gets torn and some pearls fall down creating a sound while hinting Mansi. Mansi sees Pari and thinks she’s also here to steal and throws her out. Pari tells her that she came here to talk to Mansi but she ignores that.

Jaggi tells them they should all take pictures with him as memories, as their house will get demolished very soon. He takes a picture with each one and also, with Gopi. Gopi is reminded of the days when Ahem used to do that with her and leaves sadly. Kokila and Urmila worry about what will happen now and leave, with everybody.

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Pari calls Mona while she’s eating noodles in her room. She comes in and is angry about what she did and talks about how Kokila and Gopi are always together but Mona left her alone as she was scared. Mona makes her sit and says that they will always be a better team than Kokila and Gopi, while massaging her head. Mansi throws the blanket in rage and says that she’ll destroy the Modi family completely. Premila gives her a medicine and tells them they won’t benefit from destroying the Modi family. They should destroy Gopi instead. They’ve waited for five years to bring Gopi in as their daughter-in-law and they won’t let this opportunity go in vain.

Vidya and Shravan are working for the decorations when officer Ritesh joins them, and Naiya and Prakash watch them do that. Payal enters and greets everybody while signalling Naiya. Vidya asks her to wait when Priyal comes and sits. Vidya takes Meera along to check on the decorations. Payal makes Meera trip on the flower garland and stops on the ladder on which Ritesh is standing. He slips a little and all the flowers from his basket fall on Meera. Dharam and everybody else look in shock. Ritesh apologises to Meera and helps her remove the petals from her hair, while he also compliments her. Dharam watches them and closes his fists tightly. Naiya asks Dharam to practice with them and he goes back to her room. Payal smiles back at Naiya and Vidya sees her smiling hard. So she doubts her.

Jaggi has called his friends to stop the bulldozer with hockey sticks, tomatoes, and some balloons. Gopi and Kokila come and ask if he thinks this will help. Jaggi makes his friends lie down in a line and says that the bulldozer will have to pass through them to demolish and he won’t do that. Premila enters with Mansi and greets everybody. Gopi says that they can never break their family now. Premila tells them they wouldn’t wanna demolish their house when half of it is their property. Krishna comes in with all the baggage when Premila says that they believe in unity and not division. She says that they will move in with them and nobody will be able to do anything. Krishna says that they missed her too much. Jaggi and the team prepare to attack when Gopi stops them. Mansi tells her that she shouldn’t prove this impersonator right or else they’ll all be ruined and majorly, Jigar. Jaggi interferes when Mansi is talking and tries to attack her. Premila says that they cannot do anything or else she’ll lodge a fake complaint against Jigar.