Naagin 5th October 2016 full episode written update: Shivangi turns into Naagin

Shivangi gets to know that she is a Naagin.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: November 5, 2016 11:32 pm
naagin, naagin episode summary, naagin tv show, hindi tv show summary, indian television, entertainment news, latest news, indian express Shivangi locks Gautami in a room and asks her not to come out, else enemies may kill her.

In the first scene Shivangi and her cousin Gautami enter Rocky’s house silently. They try to hide seeing Avantika passing by. The servant sees them and asks who they are. Shivangi says the caterer called them for work. The servant takes them to kitchen. Rocky’s cousins perform a dance number to cheer him up. He sadly looks at Ruchika and walks away. In the balcony he imagines Shivangi coming and extending her hand for a dance.

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They both dance on “Aye dil hai mushkil”. During the whole dance they have their eyes locked into each other’s and then hug. Rocky gets the reality check and finds himself dancing with Ruchika instead, who says she knew there will be a moment when he will like her. He pushes her and walks away.

Yamini stops him and introduces him to her astrologer friend. The astrologer says he will not get his love so easily and will have to struggle a lot. He says his love is already gone. She says there is a big disaster waiting to happen in his life, she is unable to read his face well. He says she can predict the whole world’s future, then why not his. She says the girl he will marry will not be from this world and will have a bit of poison in her.

Shesha hears this and angrily goes and asks Yamini why she brought this original item, as she will predict the whole story and should be stopped. Yamini spills juice on Rocky’s clothes and he leaves to wash. Astrologer then tells Shesha that she has scene her before.

Shesha nervously says she must have seen her mother, as she is her look alike. Astrologer warns Yamini to be careful from Kaali Naagin as she can kill her. Yamini says she knew it and takes her from there.

In the next scene we see Rocky pass by the kitchen and sees Shivangi in the kitchen. His brother stops and asks where is he going. He says he saw Shivangi in the kitchen and walks into kitchen but Shivangi hides. He walks out confused.

Shivangi thinks that she will not spare Rocky for killing her mother. She picks knife and walks behind him. Astrologer stops her, looks at her hand and says her life will change in a few minutes, she will start her revenge. Shivangi thinks she is right and looks at the knife. Rocky goes out and cries thinking wherever he goes, he sees Shivangi. Shivangi walks behind him and raises the knife to stab him, but stops recalling Rocky saving her life and their romantic moments. Rocky’s cousin comes calling him and Shivangi hides behind a bench. Rocky senses her presence but leaves with sister.

Next we see Yamini and her puppets calling Shesha. They all get into car. Shivangi then sees all her mother’s murders and gets into car trunk. They all search the cliff. There at the Shiv Temple Guruji says today Nagmani will come out after 25 years. Shivangi also reaches the cliff with Yamini, Avantika and their clan. They all see Naagmani shining brightly and could not bear the shine and close their eyes. While at the Shiv Temple, Guruji plays damru. Nagmani’s brightness reduces. Shesha shows Naagmani to her team. Shivangi wonders what is looking so bright. Shesha takes her team near Naagmani. Shivangi follows them and watches them hiding behind a rock. Yamini thinks she got back her life for Naagmani and waited for 25 years. Avantika says Naagmani is in front of them finally. Shesha thinks she will get Nagmani and will not give to these fools. Shivangi hears that and realizes this is the Naagmani for which her parents sacrificed their lives. One of Yamini’s clan goes to pick Nagmani, but 5-mouthed snake bites it. Avantika asks Manav and Vikram to take him and remove his poison. Yamini asks Shesha to get Naagmani. Shesha turns into Naagin. Shivangi realizes that Ruchika/Shesha is icchadari Naagin. Shesha tries to pick Naagmani but 5-mouthed snake bites it. Avantika then goes as bee and tries to pick, but 5-mouthed snake bites it and she falls down. Shivangi thinks they all change their form, how will she take revenge from them. Avantika changes back into human and scolds Shesha that she killed Suryavanshi who could get Naagmani. Shesha says Suryavanshi clan is very big and she will find a person who can get Naagmani. Yamini yells at her and they all leave. Shivangi comes near Naagmani and recalls Gautami showing her Naagmani’s protector’s sign which she has on her neck. She thinks if she is the one who can pick this Naagmani. She extends her hand to pick it but stops hesitantly and thinks she has to find out if she is the one who can pick it. She hears a voice that she is Naagmani’s protector and she has to protect it. She thinks if her enemies will know that she has picked it, they will take it from her, so it is better that Naagmani stays there. She picks and keeps it back and stones start falling around and she runs out of temple.

Next Yamini takes Avantika and Shesha to a hotel. Shesha asks her why did she bring them there. Yamini yells and says Shivangi is in this hotel. Shesha says she had killed Shivangi. Yamini says she was fooled and asks them to get into their real form. They turn into snake and bee and enter Shivangi’s room. Shivangi and Gautami get afraid seeing them and open door to run out, but stop seeing Yamini. Yamini enters room and asks Gautami why she is so afraid, it is all because of Shivangi. Shivangi cannot escape from her, nobody can escape from her. She hits Gautami. Shivangi pleads to leave Gautami. Yamini pushes Gautami on bed and says if they take Gautami with them, she will pick Nagmani. She orders Shehsa and Avantika to take them both into cave. They are in front of Naagmani. Avantika orders Shivangi to pick Naagmani. Shivangi refuses when Avantika slaps her. Vikram holds Gautami. Yamini warns Shivangi again to pick Naagmani or Gautami will die. She orders Avantika the bee to suck Gautami’s blood and kill her. Avantika turns into bee and revolves around Gautami. Shivangi pleads not to kill Gautami. She will pick Naagmani. Shivangi wakes up shouting and realizes it was her dream. She says they will kill Gautami and take Naagmani. Gautami wakes up and asks her to calm down, they will find a way. Shivangi locks Gautami in a room and asks her not to come out, else enemies may kill her.

There Rocky drives his car but the car breaks down in the middle of the road. He gets out of car and checks engine. Oil smears on his hand. He recalls his first meeting with Shivangi. Shivangi approaches him lost in her thoughts thinking they will kill her and Gautami after getting Naagmani from her, so she should kill herself. She walks towards Rocky. Rocky gets his cousin’s call and leaves. Shivangi goes to the cliff and addresses God that she knows he is everywhere. She continues that her parent’s murderers will kill her after getting Naagmani, so it would be better if she kills herself. She falls down from cliff, but is surprised to see herself alive. She then turns into icchadhari Naagin with half human and half snake body.

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