Naagin 23rd October 2016 full episode written update: Shivangi gets caught in Yamini’s trap

Yamini, Avantika, Shesha kill Shivanya and her entire family.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 23, 2016 10:31:54 pm
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Qubool hai, Sasural Simar Ka, Naagin, Daayan, makkhi, tv Serial, Tv Shows, TrP Charts, Entertainment news Yamini, Avantika, Shesha kill Shivanya and her entire family.Shesha shakes Yamini so that she comes out of her dream of killing

Shesha shakes Yamini so that she comes out of her dream of killing Shivanya. She warns her to take action quickly as that area is not safe for Naagins because there are many wild animals who can easily get to know that they are Naagins. Shesha recalls how Ritik assured Shivanya that Shesha can not harm them.

Shivanya goes to call Shivangi out where Shesha was trying to sting Shivangi by changing her form into some random aunt of Rocky. She pretended to help Shivangi by pinning up her dupatta. Yamini on the other hand was following Shivanya with a knife in her hand. When she was about to stab her she calls out for Shivangi and Shesha and Yamini step back. Yamini sees Shesha in Shivangi’s room and decides to send her away as she could kill Shivangi.

Shivanya and Shivangi reach mandap when Yamini plays the “been” and Shesha starts turning into a Naagin. Shivnya sees this and gets to know that she is a Naagin. Shivanya says she forgot a ritual and takes Shivangi back to her room and asks her to not come out in any case.

Shesha on the other hand tells Yamini that due to her Shivanya got to know that she is here and therefore she has locked Shivangi in the room. Someone tells Rocky that Avni is calling him upstairs. Rocky goes there and someone hits him on the head and he faints.

Yamini says to Shesha that there is a slight change in plan and calls Avantika and asks her to kill everyone. Avantika and Suryavanshi’s family start killing every one. Shivanya comes out of the room and Shesha kills her brother and sister in law in front of her. Yamini says to Shivanya that she can’t protect Shivangi from her as she is her grand daughter and she is a Suryavanshi and she will get them the “Naagmani”.

Avantika comes there and says to serve “Laal Sharbat” to them. Shivanya pleads to them to stop this. Shesha says that she was waiting for so long to kill her sister. Shesha stabs her in her stomach and says this is for stealing Ritik from her. She stabs her again and says this is for hiding from her for so long and the third one is for stealing Rocky from her. Shivanya cries for her mom when Shesha recalls her mom telling them to be with each other in their childhood. Shesha had tears in her eyes when Shivanya says why is she killing her own sister for a man. Shesha says she could have forgiven her for Ritik but not doing it twice and stealing Rocky too and stabs her again. Each of the Maheshmati stabs her one by one when Rocky comes there and Shivanya falls on him and pleads him to protect her daughter when Rocky grabs her neck and suffocate her to death.

Yamini, Avantika, Shesha and their companions go to Shivangi’s room and Yamini knocks the door and asks her to come out but Shivangi gets confused and thinks of the Shivanya’s swear. Rocky comes into his senses by then and comes out when Yamini and Ruchika tell him that the goons have killed everyone and Shivangi is scared and not coming out. Rocky asks Shivangi to come out and assures her that he is there when Yamini signalled someone in groom’s dress to hit Rocky. He hits Rocky on his head again and he faints.

They break the door and bring Shivangi out. Shivangi asks Rocky that they have killed her mom but the man in groom’s dress grabs her neck again. They hear police siren outside and hide all the bodies and take Shivangi to a room. Yamini says to police the firing sound was of crackers. Avantika comes out and says that a ladies pooja is going on and he can’t come in. When police leave, Yamini asks Avantika where Shivangi is. She says she is with Shesha and they both run to look out for them but Shesha and Shivangi were not there.

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