Naagin 2, June 3rd full episode written update: Ruchika attempts to marry Rocky by tricking him

Naagin 2, June 3rd full episode written update: Rocky (Karavnir Bohra) finds out that Prithvi is not an NRI as he told them initially, but is a con artist who just looted a lot of money. Later, Rocky enters the Lok and is stunned to know that he will have to get married to Ruchika. He establishes the naag mani alongwith Ruchika.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Updated: June 3, 2017 10:08:53 pm
Naagin 2, 3rdJune full episode written update, Naagin 2, June 3rd full episode, Naagin 2, June 3rd full episode written update: Shivangi and Anshuman are unable to find the place where Yamini and Ruchika have hidden the naag mani.

Ruchika attacks Shivangi and makes her leave instantly, while Yamini watches her. Ruchika calls Jaadu Nath to plan to grab the naag mani again along with the whole family. Shivangi goes to Mansi, dressed as a banjaaran and tells her that Alia is crying to make her leave for the room. Alia discusses how Shivangi has been tortured and tells Mansi she has suffered enough. Ruchika has held Avni captive and she goes to untie her. She tries to make her believe that she is doing the right thing. Ruchika wants Avni to keep her secret with herself and help her in getting Rocky. Shivangi is hiding and she signals Avni to act the way Ruchika wants. Avni hugs Ruchika and says that she will help her. Shivangi teams up with the rest of the family members.

Yamini spots Shivangi but Alia distracts her to crack a joke for everybody. Alia drops something on Avni to make her leave with Shivangi. Yamini stops them to check the person inside the veil. Avni takes her inside but Ruchika insists on checking since its a busy environment. Prithvi gets a call and goes out, when Rocky follows him and watches him take a bag from somebody. He decides to find out the truth. Rocky overhears Prithvi telling that the bag contains a bunch of looted money. Rocky thinks that he cannot let this wedding happen.

Anshuman helps Shivangi by turning into a woman, so that Ruchika doesn’t find out. Shivangi and Anshuman are unable to find the place where Yamini and Ruchika have hidden the naag mani. Somehow the lights go off and Rocky comes in narrating a story about Prithvi and Avni. He tells everybody that Prithvi is a criminal instead of being an NRI. He turns him in to the police for intentions of looting the family and ruining their house. Rocky apologises for ruining the wedding but he should’ve checked all this beforehand. Yamini scolds all of them and praises Rocky. Rocky asks the guests to leave for there is no wedding that will take place now.

Ruchika fears if their secret will get out but Yamini says that nothing will go wrong. She is worried about Shivangi and her partner, for they’ll take the naag mani very soon. Ruchika says that they should hide the naag mani and then kill both of them. Yamini kills a cockroach and says that it was roaming around listening to their conversation, and she’s killed Shivangi’s partner.

Rocky and Shivangi are reminiscing about each other, separately. Shivangi is watching him but Ruchika comes and tells Rocky that he shouldn’t be worried about Avni. They need to hide naag mani as Shivangi can steal it. Rocky is shocked to hear this and Ruchika asks him to plan about hiding the naag mani to help Badi Maa stay alive. She takes him to Takshak Lok to keep naag mani behind the Shiv Ling with the motives to marry him. Shivangi goes there with Anshuman and dresses up Takshak and Takshika. Rocky enters with the continuous slogans calling him Naag Raj where he’s told that he will be married to Ruchika and establish the naag mani behind the Shiv Ling. Ruchika takes him to safekeep the naag mani when a thunderstorm strikes and the Shiv Ling is uprooted from the establishment. They step forward to establish the naag mani and successfully do it.

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