Naagin 2, 17th June full episode written update: Shesha and Shivangi challenge each other

Naagin 2, 17th June full episode written update: Shesha kills Avni and Shivangi kills Ranbir with the help of Rocky. Prithvi gets killed in the process because of his own mistake. Shesha goes to Mansi and her family to kill them. She attempts to attack them but is unable to hurt them.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Updated: June 17, 2017 10:34 pm
  Naagin 2, Naagin 2 17 june episode, Naagin 2 cast, Naagin 2 17 June full episode written update Naagin 2, 17th June full episode written update: Ruchika warns Yamini and her team that Ranbir is probably cheating on them.

Prithvi is stunned to wake up at a strange place and calls for help. Avni asks Ruchika about her plan to kill Shivangi when she takes her to the caves. Ruchika holds her with her tail and shows her mistake and how she caught her cheating while teaming up with Shivangi. She never told her that her name is Shesha but Avni can only know this after staying with Shivangi. Ruchika then leaves rats on her to take revenge for cheating on her.

Ranbir is happily going somewhere when Ruchika asks his motive. He reluctantly hides his truth and leaves without answering. Ruchika warns Yamini and her team that Ranbir is probably cheating on them. Ruchika follows Rocky and Shivangi and doubts if they’re working together. She plans to ask Avni about it.

Mansi and the kids are worried about Avni, as she was following Ruchika and hasn’t returned yet. Rocky and Shivangi try to look for her but are unable to know where she is. Rocky tells her to handle Ranbir and he will search for Avni. He then spots Ruchika going out, and senses she might’ve kept Avni somewhere. He starts following her through a jungle to the caves where Ruchika has actually hidden Avni. Avni blatantly asks if Rocky and Shivangi are back together. Avni is in a wounded state and answers. Ranbir reaches the place where Shivangi has called him to take vengeance for her father’s death. She transforms into Prithvi and meets Ranbir. Ranbir talks about how Shivangi killed his wife and wants to kill her. She comes in her real form for him to fulfil his wish. She holds him with his tail and keeps hurting him. Shivangi is about to attack him again when Rocky appears and ties her up. Yamini and her team are also there when Rocky sends them outside. Shivangi asks why did he not let her kill him when Rocky takes her to the caves where Avni is now dead and only her ashes remain. Shivangi pledges to kill Shesha now.

Rocky takes out his anger on Ruchika but fakes it by saying that Shivangi has killed Avni to make Ruchika believe that he’s still with her. Ruchika falls for the trap and tells her that they’ll avenge Shivangi together. He leaves to give the news to Mansi and others.

Prithvi calls Ranbir again on being pushed by Shivangi. She plans not to kill Prithvi as he hasn’t done anything wrong to her and Rocky agrees. Ranbir sneakily gets out of the house and plans to leave the country with Prithvi. Rocky helps Shivangi in killing Ranbir finally and they hug each other while Prithvi calls Shesha to tell their secret. Rocky takes the phone and calls Shesha. Shivangi tells Prithvi to leave as they won’t kill him. Prithvi wants to kill them but Rocky warns him not to do anything. Prithvi again jumps to take the gun but slips and falls on a rock and dies.

Shesha and Shivangi challenge each other to increase their sufferings. Shesha goes to Mansi and her family to kill them. She attempts to attack them but is unable to hurt them. Shesha leaves and right after that, Shivangi and Rocky come in. All of them thank Shivangi for giving them Naag Mani, which protected them against Shesha’s attack.

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