Mandana Karimi’s sister dedicates a post about failed relationships, says ‘stay strong my warrior sister’

Mandana Karimi's marriage ran into trouble ever since she opened up about facing domestic violence by her in-laws. In just six months after her marriage with Gaurav Gupta, she reportedly has filed a divorce petition. While the matter is still in talks, Mandana posted a message that was written by her sister dedicated to her.

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Almost a week back, the shocking news about Mandana Karimi filing a domestic violence case against her husband Gaurav Gupta surfaced. While the actor is still fighting the case, her fans and family are standing in support of her and making sure that she stays strong. Today, Mandana shared a post which was dedicated to her by her sister with a message that read, “Stay strong my warrior sister.”

The message that her sister dedicated read, “I hope the way they treated your love haunts them forever. The way you poured your soul into them, the way you turned every darkness they had into the light. The way you kissed their forehead when they were in pain and supported them through the most terrible times of their lives. May they long for you in the moments when they are looking for someone who loves them, who understands them and can find no one who does it so well as you.”

The message continued, “I hope the way they let you go haunts them forever. You deserved better because you stayed up night after night to speak to them when they were in pain. You deserved better from someone you trusted with your heart, who demanded your surrender and then left you for someone else, someone who they said was better. May their eyes always look away in shame when someone mentions your name. I hope that one day their ghost leaves your dreams and you aren’t haunted by them forever. May your soul heal from the wounds they inflicted. Repeat to yourself every night before you fall into that fitful sleep: ‘I deserved better than this. And I will love again.'”

The intense note that Mandana’s sister dedicated concluded on a strong note. It read, “Because that is the truth, darling. That is the purest truth about you. You deserve someone who treats your love like it is more precious than anything else in the world. You deserve someone who looks at your effort and considers themselves fortunate for having someone who cares so much in their world. I hope that you forget the way they treated you and someone else treats you a thousand times better. Your ability to love has been tested with fire and you may be burned, but you have come out alive despite all your tears. Your heart has been broken, but it is strong enough to mend. You have fallen in love before and you will fall in love again. May the next person you fall in love with, treasure your heart the way it deserves and never breaks it or rips it at the seams. I hope the next person you love gives you all the respect, the love and the truth that you need.”

Mandana made the revelation about being at the receiving end of domestic violence in an interview to Mid-Day. The case was filed just after six months of her marriage.

As per reports in Mid-Day, Mandana filed a domestic violence complaint against Gaurav, and was even considering a separation. The divorce petition stated that Gaurav forced her to convert to Hinduism ahead of their wedding. She was also asked to quit her acting career, to maintain the family status in the society.

Things took an ugly turn when according to Mandana, seven weeks ago Gaurav barred her from entering their house. The actor has also filed a complaint against her mother-in-law for harassment. Mandana’s lawyer even confirmed that the case is now in court.


Mandana was quoted in the same report as saying, “I was thrown out of my matrimonial house seven weeks ago. I made desperate attempts to reconcile with them, but my in-laws didn’t allow me back. Gaurav has cut me off.” She has also asked for maintenance up to Rs 10 lakh for her basic necessities and Rs 2 crore for the trauma and agony caused by him along with the loss of career and business, in her petition.


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