Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2016 full episode written update: Abhi saves Pragya from the shooter

Aalia asks Abhi how he got to know about the shooter as they didn't hear any firing.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: October 19, 2016 12:18:17 am
Alia stops Abhi from going for recording and asks him to come along with her. Aalia says that Abhi may have all this in his mind and there might be no shooter.

Abhi gets some flashes of his past memories from last year’s Dussehra function. He tries to focus on the flash back to see why was he stressed and when he saw the burning Raavan. Pragya thinks that he is putting too much strain on his brain which could harm him. Then Pragya starts laughing at him to distract him and succeeds in doing that.

Dadi wonders if Pragya has told her mom and Biji that she is working as Abhi’s secretary in his house. She asks Purab about the truth. Purab tells her that they just know that Abhi has helped her getting a job but they have no idea that she is working here.

Tanu becomes impatient and asks Aalia to tell the shooter to kill Pragya as soon as possible. Aalia says she is very impatient and the shooter is not doing any show which he can prepone according to her. Abhi was discussing something with the sponsors and asks Pragya to stand away and he’ll call her when needed. Pragya goes at a distance when she sees a suspicious man approaching Abhi. She goes and stands behind Abhi but the man bows down folding his hands in front of Raavan.

Abhi asks her why is she irritating him. When he spots a laser aiming at Pragya. He asks her to keep talking and turn around. She asks why Abhi tells her that the shooter is here and has set his aim already. Abhi asks Pragya what is behind him when she tells him that Ravan is there. Abhi turns and sees him when the shooter fires a bullet. Abhi holds Pragya and falls down. Security guys approach them and Abhi tells them to go and see behind the Raavan.

Sarla comes there at the function with her house help but she asks Sarla to not go inside as Aalia would be there and will create a scene. Sarla says she wants to confirm if Pragya is with Abhi and she will go inside come what may.

In the next scene Aalia asks Abhi how he got to know about the shooter as they didn’t hear any firing. Abhi says he saw the laser aiming at him. Dadi gets worried. Abhi asks the inspector if he found the shooter but he says there is no one. Raj shouts at the inspector that how can they be so irresponsible. Dadi asks Abhi to cancel the function and go home but Aalia says that Abhi may have all this in his mind and there might be no shooter. Dadi says he is not mad and she worries about his life. But Abhi says that Aalia may be right and they should not cancel the function as the sponsors will not invest the next time. Abhi tells Dadi to ask Nikita she was with him.

Pragya says that everything is fine and she was with her, she assures her that she won’t let anything bad happen to Abhi. Dadi asks her to promise, when Tanu says to Abhi that she is sorry as she was not with him and now she will face every bad element in the fate for Abhi.

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