Kumkum Bhagya 6th September 2016 full episode written update: Abhi meets Tanu in Pragya’s presence

Alia keeps on talking about Tanu with Abhi but Abhi dismisses her saying that she is high on attitude.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published:September 6, 2016 11:46 pm
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The first scene shows Abhi at Tanu’s photoshoot and asks Aliya about Tanu whether she was her friend. Alia appreciates his memory. Alia feels glad that her plan is succeeding and Abhi is getting attracted to Tanu.

Then we see Pragya at her office setting up her desk. When Abhi comes there she is lost in her thoughts. She then realizes that it was a dream and Abhi is not here. Pragya asks Saira about Abhi as he was supposed to be there at office. Alia calls up Saira and tells her that Abhi is near office and wants to rehearse there only so if she can send someone from office with the lyrics. She however asks Saira not to send any office boy as it should not get leaked and when Saira offers to come up herself Alia asks her to send the receptionist as she wants Pragya to see Abhi and Tanu together. Abhi seems impressed with Tanu. Alia keeps on poking him that he cannot get Tanu with her moves and Abhi accepts the challenge. Pragya comes there and feels shattered seeing Abhi taking interest in Tanu. Abhi takes the CD from Pragya and asks her to leave. Alia comes and asks her why she was so shocked, is she was not that confident whether their love will prosper. Alia taunts Pragya that Abhi will now have fun with Tanu and will go on holidays with her and all that stuff that Pragya wants to do with him. Alia tells her that she won’t let her be with Abhi.

Alia keeps on talking about Tanu with Abhi but Abhi dismisses her by saying that Tanu is high on attitude, but Alia keeps on insisting him to go on a date with Tanu and Abhi gives in.

Abhi then notices Pragya sitting in a corner and sees that she is upset so he asks her the reason. Pragya says that she won’t tell him as she is nobody to him and he is a rockstar, he can do whatever he wants to so why care about her.

Abhi finds this cute and tells her that she can find a job anywhere just by telling them that she is his fan thinking that Pragya has lost her job, but Pragya tells him that its nothing like that and she is here for those lyrics paper. Pragya starts crying that she was sitting there to take back those papers as the guard won’t let her in twice and then Abhi says sorry to her and Pragya feels good about this.