Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2017 full episode written update: Abhi throws Tanu and Aaliya out of his house

Kumkum Bhagya 6th July 2017 full episode written update: While Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) is grievingthe death of Pragya (Sriti Jha), Sarla says to Tanu that she is responsible for killing Pragya. She says God must be regretting for giving birth to her.

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: July 6, 2017 10:38:59 pm
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Purab consoles Abhi but Abhi says Pragya is alive because he is alive and their love is alive, so Pragya cannot die. Purab decides to get Pragya’s dead body asap or else Abhi won’t be able to face the shock. There, Tanu calls Nikhil to ask if he knows that Pragya is dead. Nikhil says obviously and also says that Abhi has killed the Commander also. He adds that she need not worry as it was in self defence. Tanu says that he also need not worry as Aaliya won’t do anything to him since Abhi is safe. He says he isn’t afraid of her and asks her to hand over the phone to Aaliya but Tanu disconnects saying later. Aaliya and Tanu raise a toast and celebrate with drinks.

There, Sarla reaches Abhi’s house and says to Dadi that she tried to stop her for not bringing Pragya in her house and now she is dead. She asks them to call Tanu and Aaliya who have killed her daughter. Mitali goes and calls Tanu and Aaliya. While Abhi is in grief of Pragya’s death, Sarla says to Tanu that she is responsible for killing Pragya, she says God must be regretting for giving birth to her. Tanu shouts at her and asks her to shut up. She asks her why she always blames them for anything that happens to Pragya. She asks whether her parents have ever come to her house for blaming Pragya for everything that has happened to her. Dadi tries to stop Tanu but she doesn’t listen to her. Tanu asks Sarla to go and blame God for giving her such fate that both her daughters died. Sarla says it’s because of both of them and as she is about to slap Tanu, she holds her hand and asks her to behave. Aaliya asks her to control and says that she can’t behave like this with her friend while standing in her house and asks her to get out. Dadi asks her to stop but Aaliya asks if she is also on Sarla’s side. Dadi says she was never apart from her. Aaliya says she is left with few days in her life and if she wants not to spend them at an old age home. Sarla says she won’t go unless she tells everything to Abhi. Aaliya stops her and says some things should be kept secret. Sarla says she won’t go as Pragya has always stopped her from telling the truth to Abhi from the fear of harming him but now since Pragya isn’t here and her fear has also gone,bso she will tell Abhi. She starts calling Abhi loudly and Tanu and Aaliya start pushing her out of the home. Meanwhile, Abhi comes to the stairs and asks Tanu to stay away from Sarla. Tanu gets startled and removes her hand. Aaliya says it’s good that Abhi is here and asks him to send her out of the house as she is blaming them. Abhi comes downstairs and asks Aaliya to stay quiet but Tanu says to Abhi that she is shouting at his family and instead of throwing her out of the house, he is asking them to stay quiet. Aaliya again asks him to throw her out and Abhi asks her to stay quiet but she keeps on saying this and that. Tanu says that Pragya was his Secretary and Sarla is her mom and he is making them quiet for her. Aaliya says Tanu is right and Abhi slaps Aaliya. And stares at Tanu who keeps mum. He says he has regained his memory and every lie they are saying is making him even more angry. Although both Tanu and Aaliya try to prove themselves innocent Abhi says he has recalled every single lie and games of them and asks them to leave the house. Aaliya says she can’t think of hurting him but Abhi asks her to shut up and asks Purab to come along and they both return with Tanu and Aaliya’s suitcases. Abhi asks them to get out but Tanu tries to convince him by saying that she loves him when Abhi says she is the one who had someone’s child in her womb and named it to be his and yells at them to get out. Tanu and Aaliya move out of the house and fight and ask each other to stay away.

There is a leap of one month and Abhi wakes up a morning imagining Pragya by his side teasing him with a feather and as Abhi is about to grab her, she disappears. Dadi comes with a cup of coffee for Abhi and Abhi asks her what does seeing an incomplete good dream means. Dadi says it indicates you to get up and complete it and Abhi hugs her. Dadi asks him who he saw in the dream but Abhi tries to ignore her. Dadi asks again and Abhi tells her that obviously it was Pragya. He tells her that it’s Pragya’s birthday and he’ll celebrate it and cut cake in place of her and also wish for her to come back soon.

Dadi comes downstairs and tells Dasi who says that this is not logical but Dadi says that Abhi would have a break down if they made him realise that she is not going to come, so they should just do it for his happiness and hope for his wish to come true. Mitali overhears this and calls and tells Aaliya about this who says why she did not try to stop him. Mitali says she didn’t want to be thrown out of the house like her. Aaliya threatens her but she says she can’t talk any more as what if anyone overhears her, she doesn’t want to live in that tacky house of Nikhil.

Aaliya and Tanu are at a tacky house which is supposedly of Nikhil but he is no where to be seen. Tanu gives tea to Aaliya and asks why she is so pissed. Aaliya says her brother has lost it when they hear a knock at the door. While they were fighting on who will open the door the Police breaks in. Aaliya asks the Inspector whom they want. He asks him why they are here as it doesn’t seem to be their house. Aaliya says it’s Nikhil’s house who is their friend and they are here to stay for a few days. Inspector asks them who they are and Aaliya and Tanu introduce themselves. Inspector says that it’s great that they found all suspects at one place.

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