Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2016 full episode written update: Pragya plans to prove herself innocent

In Kumkum Bhagya, Aalia is ready with her next conspiracy. Pragya is planning to catch the doctor.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: November 25, 2016 10:28:52 pm
Kumkum Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya 24th october full episode, Kumkum Bhagya full episode, Pragya, sarla jaanki, Tv serial, Indian tv serials, Entertainment, Television In Kumkum Bhagya, Aalia is ready with her next conspiracy. Pragya is planning to catch the doctor.

Sarla continues abusing Abhi. She is about to tell Abhi that he is Pragya’s husband but Pragya stops her. When Sarla sees Pragya there, she slaps her without letting her explain anything. Pragya tries to give clarification to her, but she furiously shouts at Pragya. She blames her for everything. She cries that their family’s goodwill is at stake. She says she is ashamed of Pragya.

Pragya manages to pull Sarla inside the room. She tells Sarla that she is not pregnant and Dadi confirms it too. Sarla feels sorry for her behaviour. She apologises to Pragya. They all get very angry at Aalia and Tanu. Pragya plans to take the revenge from Aalia and Tanu. Sarla tells Pragya to take rest and promises her that this time she will prove her innocent. Sarla plans to find that doctor and to make her confess the truth in front of everyone.

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Tanu and Aalia try to take advantage of the situation. They slander Pragya in front of Abhi. Aalia says that Pragya is a very shrewd girl, she must be having multiple affairs and now she doesn’t know who is the father of her baby. Abhi tells her to stop defaming Pragya. Aalia reminds Abhi about the his marriage with Tanu. She requests him to give more attention to his own life and help Tanu with preparation for marriage. Abhi agrees, he requests Aalia and Tanu to make the arrangements for the party, which he is planning to throw tomorrow. Aalia agrees.

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Aalia is planning to create one more trouble for Pragya. She knows that Pragya will try to take the revenge so Aalia wants to embroil Pragya in yet another controversy.

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