Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2016 full episode written update: Pragya says sorry to Abhi

Abhi asks Alia not to fire Pragya.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published:September 14, 2016 10:35 pm
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The episode starts with Abhi thinking to himself that he won’t forgive Pragya. On the other side, Pragya thinks that Abhi would apologize to her but she won’t forgive him. Abhi thinks that he had to make Pragya apologize to him within these two days when he had to go to that music company. Alia comes to Abhi and asks where has he been? Abhi thinks that she will again start her rant about his fan so he tells her that he went for a drive. Alia tries to influence Abhi against Pragya and says that she will ask Mr. Sethi to remove Pragya from the office, but Abhi tells her that its not her fault and he even scolded her. Alia feels defeated again and thinks how she should make Pragya the cruelest and wicked girl in Abhi’s eyes. There in the office Saira asks Pragya to leave office as Abhi is supposed to come there and he wouldn’t want to see her. Pragya insists on staying but Saira tells her that boss is very upset from her and he may even fire her next. Alia asks Tanu what can be done to stop a girl and a boy from meeting when they both like meeting but some third person doesn’t want them to. Tanu suggests her that she should prove the girl characterless in front of the boy.

In the office Abhi enters thinking that he would ignore Pragya but he is surprised to not see Pragya there. He thinks that they fired Pragya and asks Saira about her but Saira avoids talking about her. Pragya then comes from inside and Abhi feels good to see her but pretend to ignore her.

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Purab goes to biji and Sarla to tell them that Abhi and Pragya were face to face and it didn’t affect Abhi but both of them make fun of him by telling him that this is an old news.

Next we see Abhi recording his song waiting for coffee and thinks that Pragya didn’t say sorry to her and didn’t even get him the coffee yet and she is full of attitude. Pragya then comes and Abhi asks her why is she late. Pragya then asks him what he was humming at the reception about that “Phuggi”. Abhi says its her girlfriend’s name. Pragya is overwhelmed and smiles on her own. Abhi then tells her that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and she must just say sorry to him and leave. Pragya smiles and says sorry to him and tell him that he is cute.

The next scene shows Purab, Biji, and Sarla discussing why they didn’t tell Purab when they knew about Abhi and Pragya’s meeting. Abhi comes out and sees Pragya lost in her thoughts and thinks that he should tell her who Abhi is.