Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2016 full episode written update: Abhi brings Pragya back from outhouse

Aalia meets a contract killer and gives money to kill Pragya.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 13, 2016 11:03 pm
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In the first scene, Abhi tells Pragya that he’ll punish her for sleeping in the outhouse during her work duration. Pragya thinks that why is she afraid when she is not at fault. Pragya says that he is just speaking but not punishing her.

Then Abhi thinks of a punishment for Pragya. He says that she will have to decorate the house for Dussehra celebration. When Abhi is about to leave the outhouse, Pragya asks for more punishment for the coming days as she will do the same thing daily. Abhi asks her what she is talking about. Pragya says that when she was about to come to his room, Aalia stopped her and asked her to work from outhouse. She tells him that Aalia has asked her to not enter his room.

Abhi then takes her to the house and asks Aalia the reason for her actions. He says Pragya is his secretary and he will decide where she will work from. Abhi asks her if she has sent those emails but Aalia says she was about to do that.
Abhi tells her that Pragya has already done that.

Aalia says she stopped Pragya from entering his room because of Tanu as she saw him with Pragya on the bed. Abhi says Tanu should talk to him directly if she has any issue.

Abhi then asks Pragya to come to his room but Pragya says that his girlfriend would not like it. Abhi says Tanu is his girlfriend and not Pragya’s.

In the next scene, Aalia goes to meet a contract killer and gives money and Pragya’s photographs. Aalia orders him to shoot Pragya at the Dussehra function.

Purab goes to Dadi and asks her why is she still worried when Abhi wants to keep Pragya with him even if as a secretary. Dadi tells him that she is worried because of Tanu and Aalia as they will keep on playing their games against Abhi and Pragya. Dadi then receives a call from that contract killer who ask her to meet her grandson for the last time as he is going to kill him the next day.

The next scene shows Purab advising Abhi to cancel the Dussehra function but Abhi refuses and says that it might be a prank call. Purab says that his life is not worth risking for the function but Abhi says that the function is a business for him. Pragya says that money is not more important than him but Abhi asks her to stay out of this. Aalia comes there and asks why they are arguing. Abhi tells her that someone has threatened Dadi that he will kill him at the function.

Purab consoles Pragya that he will arrange security for tomorrow as Abhi would not cancel the celebration. Purab says that Aalia is doing all this to blame it on Pragya and that she should keep a check on her.

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