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Kapil Sharma throws tantrums at CCL function, angers Salman Khan

Kapil Salman Looks like Kapil Sharma is getting to big for his boots!
Written by Divya Goyal , Edited by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Published on:January 28, 2014 4:11 pm

Famous stand up comedian Kapil Sharma, who rose to fame following the mega success of his television show ‘Comedy nights With Kapil’ seems to be throwing star tantrums.


According to a report published in a leading daily, Kapil Sharma, who was to host the inaugural function of the ongoing Celebrity Cricket League, walked out of the show at the last moment. Kapil Sharma’s ‘tantrums’ have apparently not been taken kindly by brothers Sohail and Salman Khan who co-own Mumbai Heroes.


Sohail and Salman Khan,who were recently on Kapil Sharma’s show to promote their film ‘Jai Ho’, are upset with the comedian for coming late, thereby leaving no time for rehearsals and then quitting at the last moment.

In Pics: Salman Khan rolls on the floor with laughter

Kapil Sharma, who is known to be close to the Khan brothers, however is trying to make amends for his abrupt behaviour. But neither Salman Khan nor Sohail are willing to take any explanations from the comedian.


Last year, when the sets of ‘Comedy Night’s With Kapil’ caught fire, Salman Khan came to Kapil’s rescue by lending him a part of Bigg Boss’ sets. Looks like Kapil Sharma is getting to big for his boots!

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