Game of Thrones star Kit Harington says Jon Snow is in mortal danger

Jon Snow may have been reanimated by the powers of Red Woman, but don't think he is safe forever. Kit Harington himself said that like every character on Game of Thrones, Jon Snow too is in 'mortal danger'. Game of Thrones seventh season premieres on July 16, 2017.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 21, 2017 11:34:44 pm
game of thrones, jon snow, kit harrington, game of thrones season 7, Kit Harington’s character Jon Snow was involved in the bloodiest battle in the history of Game of Thrones in season 6.

Jon Snow may have been resurrected through the powers of the Red Woman, but he can still die. Indeed, Kit Harington, the actor who plays the character, has said to a magazine that Jon Snow is in “mortal danger”. He has also said that he felt safe in season 6 because he “thought it would be bad storytelling to kill me in the [same] season I’d been resurrected.”

“I felt safe in season six because I thought it would be bad storytelling to kill me in the [same] season I’d been resurrected,” he told SFX magazine. “But as for seasons beyond six, it’s back to business. He’s in mortal danger like anyone else.” Jon Snow as a character has been involved in some of the bloodiest battles in the history of one of the bloodiest shows on television right now.

In sixth season finale itself, he was engaged in the biggest battle that occurred on the show when he defeated the army of devilish Ramsay Bolton albeit with the help of Littlefinger who arrived in the nick of time. The battle was also the most expensive sequence done by the creators of Game of Thrones ever. It was called the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ for the leaders of the both armies – Jon and Ramsay – were bastards.

It takes an immense amount of luck for a character to survive in a show like Game of Thrones. Indeed, Jon Snow did not survive. He served as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch before being murdered and he was stabbed by his own brothers for they thought he was betraying the ethos of the Night’s Watch by inviting Wildlings on their side of the wall. He was later resurrected by the Red Priestess channeling the powers of her God (called the Lord of Light).

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