Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 20th September 2016 full episode written update: Ambika shouts back at Kaal and says that she’ll save Rani

Kaal slaps Ambika for letting Rani go but she shouts back saying that he's always treated her like a servant.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: September 20, 2016 10:37 pm
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Rani tells Rani Ambika everything and then she asks what should she do. Ambika pictures how Kaal also did the same thing but says that her son cannot do anything like that. Rani says the same and adds how Raja took it so lightly. Ambika goes to Rani that she should not leave Raja but punish or forgive him. Rani asks if she would’ve done the same thing if Rani would’ve committed the same mistake. Rani leaves the decision on her and says that she won’t leave without her permission.

Rani walks out and Raja takes her on his shoulders to a room. He gives her a knife and asks her to kill him for his mistakes but never leave him. He apologises for breaking his promises. He begs her not to leave and hurt Dadu. She says that she’ll need time to think about all this.

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Rani Maa tells Ambika to make Rani understand how this world works. She says that kings and princes can keep one or two wives and this is all normal. Ambika says that she won’t let her daughter in law live like the way she je lived all her life only because she’s a woman. Kaal strangles her and orders her to tell Rani that she cannot leave the house like that.

Lovi goes inside Raja’s room to take a shower and purposely comes out in a towel. He pushes her but she takes him down on a bed. Rani is walking towards his room when he watches Raja lying on Lovi and walks out angrily. Raja stops her but she says that he’s free now and she won’t come back till the time he knowa the real meaning of marriage. Kaal asks what’s wrong between the two and Rani Maa tells her that she cannot leave the house like that. Ambika comes and supports her to let her go, till the time Raja understands what a relationship is. She says that a woman has always been pressurised to bear it all but she won’t stop Rani from doing whatever she wants. Rani hands Raja her mangalsutra and says that she will only come back when he learns the value of it.
Rani is walking on the road while thinking about where to go. If she goes to Dadu, she won’t be able to lie to her or tell the truth. She is scared by a shadow and thinks that soembody is following her and runs to Meenu’s room. Raja watches her going to her room ams thinks that he didn’t wanna scare her off but wanted that she should go to a safe place.

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Kaal slaps Ambika hard enough and says that she just had to tame Rani and couldn’t even do that. Rani Maa stops her from beating her further. Ambika shouts back for the first time and says that he isn’t isn’t king but an animal. She won’t let anything happen to Rani for she knows what they did to her mother.

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