Ek tha Raja Ek thi Rani 15th September 2016 full episode written update: Raja kisses Lovi

Lovi goes to Raja as per Rani Maa's plan to separate him from Rani. Raja uses her to make Rani feel jealous and kisses her on the cheek.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published:September 16, 2016 6:14 am
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Rani is drunk and Raja tries to silence her. Ambika asks for Rani from Meenu and even Rani Maa asks about her. She says that there a lot of guests and she should be present in the hall. Rani starts singing a song and Rani Ambika recognises her voice. Ladies who are waiting outside the washroom talk about it with Rani Ambika. She feels embarassed and Lovi is happy about her plan. Rani faints and Raja brings her out in his arms. The guests embarass Rani when Raja asks if they even know where she belongs from. Rani Maa worries when Raja speaks like that.

Kaal scolds Rani Ambika for whatever happened and tells her to tame her daughter in law. Ambika defends Rani by saying that she isn’t like that. Kaal is about to raise his hand when Raja comes and stops him by saying that she knows his wife too well. Kaal asks them who did it. Meenu then tells everybody what Lovi did and Raja takes her down. She denies doing anything when Raja smells the glass and says that its stinking of alcohol. Rani Maa goes and smells the jug and goes and slaps Lovi for such a mistake. Lovi sarcastically apologises and Rani Maa slaps her again. Kaal and Raja leave out of anger. Ambika comes and scolds Lovi, for she literally had disgusted the whole family. Rani Maa politely says sorry to Lovi. Raja aplogises from Rani for she had to go through so much because of him but she will have to gain the strength.

> Lovi tells Rani Maa that she is unable to understand what she’s up to. Rani Maa says that she cannot let her plans go to waste and that next time, Lovi should be careful. Rani Maa says that Lovi should be prepared for the next step, to divide Raja and Rani.

> Rani wakes up and Raja tells her everything that happened. Rani says that it all happened by mistake and Raja tells her that Lovi had given her the drink by mistake. Rani says that Lovi is seriously trying to create differences between them. Raja talks angrily with Rani, saying that she should not give her her chance and he only cares about what Rani does. He says that she should not have come after him. She should not be jealous of Lovi as she has been his friend even before marriage. Rani says that she only wanted to know what’s gone wrong after their marriage. Raja says that there’s nothing wrong but she always doubts him. Raja thinks that he’s not going away from her but she should trust her love. He yells at her again for not being ambitious as she was before and has become dependent on him.

Raja walks out angrily and meets Rani Ambika. She asks him why he’s doing all that when he knows the truth. He says that she will have to gain the strength from all of this. Ambika goes to Rani with food and Rani aplogises. Ambika tells her not to worry about it as she wasn’t at fault.

Raja is practicing boxing when Lovi enters his room and he says that he knew she’d come. Rani is about to go meet Raja when Kokila bumps into her. Lovi aplogises meekly and he says that he knows her well enough. Kokila tells Rani that it was unfair of Raja to rebuke her when Rani was not at fault. Rani says that she knows him well and he might be regretting his anger right now. Before he hurts himself, Rani says that she will go see him. Kokila says that they’ll find him together. Lovi goes after Raja and holds him to talk. She says that its hard for her to forget him as he’s her life. She starts crying and sits down on the floor when Rani comes and sees all this. Raja thinks that he will have to do something to make her go away as she’s always clinging to him. He picks her up and kisses her on the cheek and says that he misunderstood her all this time.