Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th September 2016 full episode written update: Raja tells Rani the truth but finds out that she was unconscious all this while

Raja and Rani have their first night when Raja tells her everything but because Lovi had sprinkled something on the bed, he finds out that Rani was unconscious throughout.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Updated: September 13, 2016 10:23 pm
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Ambika asks the priest the appropriate date for Raja and Rani’s first night together and he says that tonight is the most righteous night. Ambika is shocked and says that Rani Maa told her that it’s not until a few weeks. Rani Maa tells the priest to check again and the spectators ask if she’s doubting the priest because he is always right. Rani Maa hesitates and says that she’s not doubting him but she’ll do as he says.

Raja is walking by when Jeevan comes and bumps into him. Jeevan apologises by saying that he wasn’t looking when Raja says that he very well knows where his mind is nowadays. Raja says that he’s always keeping an eye on his wife but didn’t see him.

Jeevan sees Rani coming towards them and starts shouting that he helped only because Rani needed him. Raja says that Rani is his responsibility now and he’ll take care of her. Jeevan provokes him by saying that if he’ll hurt his wife, then he’ll have to help her. This angers Raja and he beats up Jeevan. Rani watches them and runs towards them to stop the fight. She stops Raja and asks him to leave. She tells Raja to hit her now and says that he isn’t the same man anymore, the one she loved. Raja takes her on his shoulders to his room angrily. Rani Maa watches this and is happy but Rani Ambika worries.

Raja puts her on the bed and says that he was like this always and she will have to get used to it. Rani asks whom to trust, the one who loves her a lot or the one who’s hiding something from her. Raja says that he has nothing to tell. Rani tells him not to leave her alone like that for husband and wife are meant to stay together for the rest of their lives.
Both of them start laughing together when they fall on the bed. Rani says that he likes this person more and not the worried one. Raja walks out angrily while thinking about her truth. Rani Maa walks him going out and feels happy about what Jeevan did with them.

Meenu and her friend are helping Rani get ready when Lovi enters and says that Raja likes red colour more and not pink. Meenu tells her that more than colours, Raja like Rani. Lovi says that she knows him better and if Rani wants, she’ll teach her. Rani sends her away by saying that she needs no advice with her husband. Raja is standing on the window when his friend comes and gives him a shot of whiskey saying that he will need it tonight.

Lovi sprinkles something on Raja and Rani’s bed to ruin their night. She leaves when Ambika and Rani enter. Ambika tells Rani to forget the past and start a new beginning. Raja is thinking about telling it all to Rani when Rani Maa comes and tells him that he shouldn’t break her heart tonight. He says that Rani won’t mind him telling the truth but she wouldn’t understand this.

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Rani is sitting on the bed when Raja enters and sits besides her. He starts talking by telling her that he had a lot of dreams about this night but he has something to tell tonight. He says that he’ll suffocate if he hides it anymore and says that he got to know about something on the day of their wedding. Raja tells her everything and says that he was scared to tell her all this until now. He says that now its on her to decide. He holds Rani and she falls right back. He calls for help and Ambika tells him not to worry. She fainted out of tiredness and new responsibilities. Raja says that he had told her everything because he couldn’t beat it anymore when Ambika slaps her. She says that this is the first time that Rani is this happy and he just wants to ruin it all. She sits back saying that he can do whatever he wants to, when Raja agreed that she’s right. He won’t tell Rani anything till the time she’s strong enough to hear it and he will strengthen her till then. But till the time, he tells her everything and Rani in turn accepts him as her husband, he wont have any relationship with her like a married couple.