Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th September 2016 full episode written update: Rani confesses her mistake and the priests praise her for that

Rani confesses that she did not prepare the food finally and the priests praise her for being honest which matters the most.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published:September 12, 2016 10:25 pm
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Lovi is talking to Rani Maa and Kokila about how Rani is still so close to Raja. Rani Maa says that they’ll put Rani in such a situation that she won’t be able to believe Raja and will distance herself.

Raja and Rani are in the temple area with family, when she asks him why he went out of the kitchen all of a sudden. Ambika calls Raja and Rani to perform aarti and till the time they do that, Lovi goes and mixes kasoori methi in all the dishes that Rani has prepared, to spoil everything. Ambika tells Rani to mix the prasad in her prepared dishes and get ready for the bhoj. Raja thinks that he’s hurting Rani a lot by hiding things from her, but this is something that he can neither tell nor hide from her.

Rani goes and mixes the prasad and tastes before serving as Dadu told her to, and her dishes taste sour. She wonders how that happened and goes to Rani Ambika to tell her but she sees that all the priests are there and goes back to talk to Raja. She keeps looking for Raja and tells Meenu to send him to her. Lovi starts crying to distract Raja whej Meenu comes and asks him to go and see Rani. Jeevan goes to Rani and asks what has happened but she says that she’ll only talk to Raja. She tells him what happened and Jeevan offers his help. She asks if he’ll be able to help and he says that she matters a lot to him and will do anything. Raja watches Jeevan talking to Rani and goes back instead of going to her.

The bhoj starts and Jeevan assures her that nobody will find out what happened but she fears that she knows. Rani Maa thinks that the moment they start eating, they’ll start embarrassing Rani for spoiling everything. The priests start eating but keep eating continuously while Rani Maa and Lovi wonder why they aren’t complaining. Kaal asks Rani Maa to give shagun to Rani when Rani Maa asks how she managed to do it all. Rani then tells her that she won’t take the shagun as she hasn’t prepared the food and followed the ritual. Ambika asks her how is this possible when she saw her doing all that. Rani confesses her mistake and says that Jeevan helped her get the food from the temple. She asks the priests to punish her the way they want to but Rani Ambika tells her that she won’t be punished for speaking the truth. The priests agree with her and bless her by saying that she truly is one in a million. Raja and Rani take blessings from him and the priests leave.

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Rani Ambika asks everybody else to come for lunch when Raja walks out angrily. Rani and Lovi go after him but Lovi leaves seeing Rani is there. Rani goes after Raja to his room with a plate of food for him. She keeps offering bites to him but he keeps throwing them away. Rani says that he had to take Jeevan’s help desperately. Raja still keeps denying the bites but she says that he cannot insult food like that. Raja then eats and says that she’s his responsibility now and she should take help only from him. Rani says that she was looking for him but he wasn’t there when he remembers that Meenu did tell him that she was looking for him. Rani tells him that he’s acting weird and keeps talking to Lovi when he says that Lovi came to him and Rani says that Jeevan came to her. A servant comes and says that Rani has been called by Ambika for the pooja downstairs. Raja tells her to go and he’ll eat till then.

Rani Ambika tells Rani that she will have to cut the coconut with a sword and if its cut in two halves, its a good sign. She teaches her how to do that when Rani Maa and Kokila say that she won’t be able to do it as she’s weak. But Ambika says that Rani loves Raja a lot and her love will make her complete anything efficiently. Rani takes the sword and cuts it in two halves to which Ambika says that she’s truly good.