Bigg Boss 11 evicted contestant Akash Dadlani: Vikas Gupta will win the show

Bigg Boss 11: While Akash Dadlani wants his bestie and brother Puneesh Sharma to win, he has a clear name for the trophy. He said, "I know Vikas Gupta will win the show."

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: January 12, 2018 2:02 pm
akash dadlani bigg boss 11 Akash Dadlani talks about his journey inside the Bigg Boss 11 house.

Entertaining yet annoying, childlike yet flamboyant, Akash Dadlani was definitely one-of-a-kind contestant in Bigg Boss 11. Entering the house in style through the jail, the audience were assured that he was not going to be someone regular. From his rapping and over enthusiasm to his funny Hindi vocabulary and inimitable style, Akash stood out in the entire tenure of Bigg Boss 11. With him getting out of the house on Wednesday, Puneesh Sharma, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde will be vying for the trophy. recently got into an exclusive fun conversation with Akash on his Bigg Boss expedition.

Talking about his midnight eviction, Akash, in an exclusive chat with shared, “I can still feel the taste of it (laughs). Initially I thought I will only survive a month but I managed to stay for 100 days. Just like Sachin Tendulkar, I made a great century. But yes, I wanted to be at least at the fourth place, so that I could have taken the money bag.”

akash dadlani evicted from bigg boss 11

When asked if the money was the only lure or he really wanted to win the title, the NRI shared, “Money will continue to come in life, I wanted people to know who Akash is and the talent he has. I had a wonderful learning experience and also got the chance to showcase my talent in front of the audience. Even when Salman Khan scolded me, I only got to learn. The experience has made me stronger and mature and I am popular too.”

Stating that everyone in the house was nice and only the situations difficult, Akash shared with a smile, “You need to be mean and indifferent because of the show. There is no TV in the house so you need to entertain with your acts. We used to play all kinds of mind games and that was our only source of fun.”

bigg boss 11 shilpa shinde and akash dadlani

When asked about his equation with women in the house, the rapper and sportsman quipped, “What do I do? They couldn’t have enough of me. (Laughs) I don’t know why it turned out so wrong when it was all in a jest. I even apologised to everyone who felt offended by my actions. I had no wrong intentions and have a very clear conscience.”

While Akash wants his bestie and brother Puneesh to win, he has a clear name for the trophy. He said, “I know Vikas will win Bigg Boss 11. He has been an amazing performer throughout the show. Not just performing exceptionally well in all tasks, he has also managed the house well. He can win the show easily though the girls, Hina and Shilpa are also strong contenders.”

Lastly, giving out a message to her fans, Akash stated, “I really want to thank them for all the love. I would tell them all to always dream big and fight hard to achieve them. Also, be positive and do positive always. God bless you all.”

Bigg Boss 11 finale will be held on January 14.

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  1. Ajit N
    Jan 12, 2018 at 11:23 pm
    moron is looking for Janitor work in Vikas show. Still wondering why someone has not beaten him yet. Most irritating b..ard in the house.
    1. Arun Choudhry
      Jan 12, 2018 at 4:18 pm
      To interview a person like AKash Dadlani means the Journos have no constructive thing left. I hate to write this but his upbringing "as per him he can stoop to any level to stay on top" showed on the TV. What talent is he talking about - he does not even know the basic of "Indian Classical" or western classical. Vishal Dadlani had correctly guided him that he was raw and needed to work a lot. The gut needs to first realize that "He is not entertaining at all". 90 Pct of people can not understand what he is speking leave alone his singing. Wake up and grow up Mr. Akhash. My best wishes to you.