EXCLUSIVE People hate me for dating Karan Kundra: Anusha Dandekar

Fans' love for Karan Kundra and his alleged ex Kritika Kamra was so high, that it was difficult for his present girlfriend Anusha Dandekar to understand why people were so mean to her.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: December 11, 2016 6:55 pm
anusha dandekar, karan kundra Anusha Dandekar and Karan Kundra are co-host MTV Love School season 2.

Fashion icon Anusha Dandekar and actor Karan Kundra are one couple from the industry who are extremely open about their relationship. If you visit their Instagram accounts, you will find nothing but their adorable pictures together and how they are madly, deeply and even sensibly in love with each other.

While every other celebrity from the industry denies their evident relationships, Karan and Anusha are setting a trend of embracing the reality, fearlessly. However, Anusha has been at the receiving end of fans on social media who were quite against her and Karan. Apparently, Karan was rumoured to be dating Kritika Kamra, his co-actor from super hit serial Kitni Mohabbat Hai. Hence, his fans did not like when Karan began dating Anusha.

Talking about the same, Anusha revealed much during an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com. She said- “I mean we have so many haters. Karan had a previous relationship and because his fans saw them in a relationship on TV, they were hell bent that this has to be it. The audience could relate so much to him and his co-star’s character that they thought they knew them personally.”

Anusha added she could not understand why people were so mean to her but instead of letting all that affect her relationship, she chose to cherish the time she was spending with Karan. “I get a lot of hate. It was difficult at first because I used to think that why everybody is so mean and then I realised that Karan and I are having a great time. Having this relationship, being friends, travelling together and working together. So, I can’t let social media ruin that for me.”

She says while social media has been cruel towards her relationship, media has been extremely kind. Karan and Anusha are presently co-hosting MTV’s reality show Love School. Karan – Anusha act as love gurus for the couples on the show.

“Karan and I, we had such a great time during Love School shoot. We have got to know each other like never before. We didn’t realise we don’t know so many things about each other. At times, When we used to give advice to others, we used to tell ourselves to implement the same thing. He is a very good guy. He is calm in my storm. If i am getting really worked up, Karan calms me down and vice versa. It was a really nice experience,” the MTV VJ said.

However, the ride through the show was not a smooth one for her. Anusha has always hosted shows related to fashion or music but Love School was the first experience for her. She spoke about how girls getting physically and mentally abused in a relationship even in this time, was a shocker for her. “I am so shocked that we are in 2016 and people still don’t have brains. I am shattered and hurt that in this point of time, it still happens to women. I am sad it happens in our country and the fact that we talk so highly of our religion and culture and tradition yet treat woman so badly”

But she agrees that this experience has made her learn a lot, “I have gone through a lot. In fact, I must say that people have gone through a lot and I have learnt from it.” However, when we talk about a reality show, we know a lot of it is scripted too. Commenting on the same, Anusha said, “What bothers me most is that people think all the emotion, drama that we go through is scripted. I really feel like wanting to scream at them. If we sat there scripted everything that had happened then my god, my mind would have been even worse. I can’t script 15 hours of my show, I would kill myself.”

Now that she has hosted back to back two reality shows, we were wondering if she would want to be a part of Bigg Boss with Karan. “I love Bigg Boss. It’s crazy, mad and the concept is genius. But me? No chance. First of all, I am very outspoken and honest, so I might not survive a day and secondly, I am a loner. I don’t like to be around so many people all day and everyday. I love my space, which you never have there. I will go crazy.”

Having said that, Anusha also adds that it is not similar with Karan, “I like being alone but with Karan I don’t feel like he is coming on my way, even if he is 24/7 around me. So, that is the sign of a healthy relationship. We give each other space even if we are together. I don’t want a single day off from him.”

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Aren’t they adorable? Well, the two are for sure setting some high standards for this generation couples.

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