Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2016 full episode written update: Aalia vows she will get Abhi married to Tanu against God’s will

Abhi tells Pragya that he is not sure whether he will be happy with Tanu post marriage.

Written by Neha Nigam | Updated: October 29, 2016 8:06:34 pm
kumkum bhagya, abhi, pragya, shabbir ahluwalia, sriti jha, indian television, television soap opera, ekta kapoor, twist in tale, faking memory loss Pragya tells him that it is possible that he loved someone 2.5 years back and has forgotten her. Abhi starts thinking about it.

Abhi expresses his discomfort to Pragya. He says, I am scared about this wedding. I am not sure if I love Tanu or not. He says that it feels like my heart knows the fact, but my brain doesn’t remember anything. Pragya tells him that it is possible that he loved someone 2.5 years back and has forgotten her. Abhi starts thinking about it.

Aalia offers alcohol to Tanu to celebrate their success. Tanu says she is still insecure and she doesn’t want to celebrate their success in advance. Dadi and Dasi console Pragya, they tell her to believe in God. Aalia tries to harass Pragya again as she orders her to bring Shagun ki Thali from her room. She asks Dadi to apply mehndi on Tanu’s palm.

Pragya is bringing Shagun ki Thali to the venue. Abhi is coming from the opposite side to talk to her. They collide and the whole thali flies in the air and falls down. The kumkum falls on Pragya’s forehead and mehndi falls on her palm with rose petals. Abhi starts removing kumkum and mehndi but it looks like he is applying mehndi on her palm. It happens so dramatically, that Pragya gets very emotional. It is a romantic moment between Abhi and Pragya. A song plays in the background. Abhi says sorry to Pragya and tells her that she is looking like his bride and if anyone sees it, they will think that they are getting married. Seeing all this, Dadi, Dasi and Sarla get happy and praise God. But, Aalia and Tanu feel very disappointed and helpless.

Dadi tells Aalia to understand that she can’t snatch Abhi from Pragya. A married woman has a blessing from almighty, nobody can take her husband away from her. She reminds her of all the incidents and conspiracies that happened in the past, destiny failed everyone, whoever wanted to separate them. Aalia challenges Dadi and Sarla that she will get Tanu and Abhi married against God’s will. She will not let Pragya win this time.

Dadi is determined, she tells Aalia that the God has given the sign, Aalia should stop trying now. They argue so much that Aalia throws away the remaining mehndi in the dustbin.

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